30 seconds to mars from yesterday music video

30 seconds to mars from yesterday music video

Thirty Seconds To Mars - From Yesterday (Official Music Video). Chicago, Illinois metal band Disturbed has successful mixed aggressive riffs and vocals with a. Frontman Jared Leto was behind the camera for "From Yesterday," under the 30 Seconds To Mars was previously recognized for its video for the Leto- directed clip for "The Kill" at this summer's MTV Video Music Awards. There are two video versions, a minute short film and an edited their masks, revealing that 30 Seconds to Mars are all alive.

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Log in. Artists. From Yesterday is found on the album Beautiful Lie [Advance]. Read More Edit Wiki. From Yesterday song meanings. Add your thoughts 30 seconds to mars from yesterday music video. General Comment Im pretty sure its shit, because how does gold relay 30 seconds to mars from yesterday music video sin?

I mean, in the sence that its being used. When someone is said to be sitting on a mountain of gold, they are saying they held high. And on a pile of shit they are said that they are kind of in ruins in a way, that they are not reguarded as high as they hold them selves.

To me, sin makes no sence at all. I dont see how it would fit it. There was an error. I believe it's "not of gold, but of sin". The guy in the song is sitting on a mountain of sin because he's taken lives of innocent people. That's how I understand it. Flag TheHustler on February 23, AnnaBeann "Gold is the root of all evil"? Flag skilletfart on October 07, AnnaBeann yeap its "Shit", Youtube's official video is censoring it when playing. I don't think you need censoring for the word "sin": P Flag thusitha11 on June 24, General Comment I just realized something After looking at all of these comments and suggestions on what this song could be about, I've come to this one conclusion.

They're all about people that have done something. A load of people claim that the story is about a soldier. 30 seconds to mars from yesterday music video soldier who has fought and fought and remembers all of the terrible things that have been done to him.

He has killed and is now tortured by the very thought of it. That's also believable because they found the ability to recall memories that they don't want to remember. But it's there anyways, and there is nothing they can do about it.

More people are also saying that it's a song about God, and how he created the world. They claim that he doesn't want to see the brutal violence that goes on in the world and therefore he tries to eliminate it, but fails. To some people, it also means about running away or escaping a conflict, like a criminal escaping from jail, or a boyfriend becoming tired of his girlfriend.

Either way they are haunted by their pasts. So I was thinking Maybe that is what this song is about. Actually being doomed by your past and wanting to turn away from it, but you can't. There's no way you can deny it. Because out of everything you've done there's no way to change it now, meaning that you're left to face your fears. Maybe that's what it's about. Rori the Rocker ps-- and it is "shit" in the second verse, because it's been bleeped out.

And I believe it is "read the message shown" for the end of the chorus, because it doesn't make sense if he says "write the message".

Why would you write a message if you don't want to? You would rather not read it. Rori the Rocker. Rori, my take is that is if the protagonist is in a position of power, and has used his power to do things he considers wrong, maybe the message he doesn't want to write could doom someone death sentence or could be sending the family the notification of a loved-one's death.

Just a thought. Of course, that is assuming it's "write" and not "read". Flag Stimpco on July lagu flashlight jessie j gratis, General Comment ok everybody im gonna tell u what the lyrics are in the 2nd verse cuz its annoying me that everyones getting it wrong haha here it is Listening attentively, one hears clearly "sins". To the respondent who misspells the word "sense", well It makes sense if one has any sense.

General Comment I just heard this song for the first time ever, and I loved it pretty much instantaneously. And I'm pretty sure the line is, "On a mountain he sits, not of gold, but of shit. Sin doesn't fit the rhyme pattern I just love the line, "On his face is a map of the world" As for the meaning, people have been saying it's a soldier, and I guess that could be right It doesn't really specifically HAVE to be a soldier I'm not really 30 seconds to mars from yesterday music video, I haven't listened to it enough to really get a good beat on it.

And by the way, just what exactly was the plot of the video? I found it audio ripper ware confusing, and not only because I was ogling Jared Leto the whole time Desaparecida Alliteration Flag skilletfart on October 07, General Comment Okay, wow, this is silly. First off, the song has nothing to do with Jesus, war, soldiers, or leaders. If you look in the credits of the 30 seconds to mars album, you will notice that they thank Buddha, Jesus, and the pythagoras amongst other philosophical and religious teachers.

From yesterday, sune na sangemarmar mp3 are talking about the affects and karma of past lives affecting this life now. The lyrics are rather cryptic but nonetheless the meaning is rather clear to anyone who has ever studied the doctrine of reincarnation.

On his face is a map of the world, meaning that the individual has been through many incarnations in his time, perhaps all over the world living many lives, he has not learned his spiritual lessons and thus he is reincarnated again and again; obviously he cant "get enough of the world" a reference to the mans sins and earthly vices.

Trust me, the song is about reincarnation; the band has some rather peculiar beliefs, it's all in the "thank you" section of the album booklet; many of their other songs are dedicated to similar "mystical" topics. Flag KeroseneFire on August 03, Here's my interpretation of the lyrics, 30 seconds to mars from yesterday music video at the Mao theory: And "a vision to none" could be that now people don't see him in that way, so he is no longer a vision to them; or, in China he has left his mark, so even though he's dead he still leaves an impression.

From yesterday, the fear! Perhaps the fear of the Tibetan people coming back to bite him, to be crass, in the arse? His "empire" crumbling due to people world-wide seeing the way Tibetans are treated? From yesterday, it calls him But he doesn't want to read the message here" Mao repeatedly made the same mistakes - the sparrow campaign, increasing China's iron industry, all went down the pan due to his being completely ignorant.

Or maybe how he turned his golden country into quite literally, shit, during his reign. Also, the brutal treatment of Tibet could be incorporated here. Kinda obvious. No Replies Log in to reply. General Comment People have been writing their comments on the verses but overall what does the song exactly mean?

General Comment I think the song might be about Jared. General Comment oh btw, the whole asia thing in the music video But, he did conquer most of the world known to the greeks.

He wanted to conquer the entire world, making it the perfect song for Alexander the great. I think its a great song, even though i am curious as to why he wrote the song. Especially because he played the part of this man: General Comment the correct lyrics Rate These Lyrics.

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30 seconds to mars from yesterday music video

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