Drake thank me later datpiff

drake thank me later datpiff

Front Cover. Thank Me Later Screwed & Chopped By DJ Kreep; Drake; DJ Kreep ; 17, Stream. Download. Added: 11/25/ by dj_kreep. Thread: Drake - Thank Me Later Instrumentals Follow @ Whal3zNJ http://www. schnakenhascher.de Stream Thank Me Later (Chopped & Throwed) Mixtape by Drake Hosted by DJ Howie.

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Jay Classik J. Greatness Not On Album 2. Light Up Feat Jay Z 7. Unforgettable Feat Young Jeezy 8. Miss Me Feat Lil Wayne 9. Funk Flex Freestyle Im Ready Feat Alicia Keys Lil Wayne No Love Lil Wayne Runnin Feat Shanell Lil Wayne Light Up Freestyle Lil Wayne Tatoo Girl Lil Wayne Yeah Feat T. Nicki Minaj-Letting Go How to Download Contact Us. User login Username: Request new password. Syndicate more. Ima check the first three cause it trabajos preliminares en la construccion pdf not on the album if they dope tracks then Drake really did fall off drake thank me later datpiff he ain't put them tracks on Thank Me Later.

Ya'll Expect Too Much I ment he fell off his hot streak I knew he was going to suck dick when he came to mainstream music His latest Mixtape Can't think of the name at the moment was the shit and he kept releasing Fiya If da 1st 3 songs are good ima just add em 2 my own thank me later cause i dont really care bout wat else on here so ima have dat deluxe thank me later. I used to fugg with drake But if you look at lil wayne's career he is a mixtape rapper YM in general is nothing but a bunch of mixtape rappers You'll never escape it alive anyway.

I was back in high school Wayne is a Mixtape artist. Lol sike nahh im not like bitches like that but, you do have a nice point and argument. Since hes been fucking with YM he drake thank me later datpiff put extreme shit out. The best hes had since is probably his first mixtape with him "The Comeback Season". And don't even get me started on his debut album that reached less than expectations. However, thats what Wayne does.

He is able to breed artist an upgraded of themselves and ive seen it in artist like Lil Twist, Jae Millz, and Tyga. However with drake he was WAY ahead of Wayne's teachings. Even the self-proclaimed greatest rapper alive has told Drake he is better than him. U get paid for cheerleadin?? Young Money suckz! Buncha homos. Lil Wayne still pretty decent but the rest of them foos is lame! Wayne built YM, is YM Goofy, and why you on they dick so hard?

STFU[Don't take life too serious. I just dont feel this nigga on any level have never understood the hype surrounding him these sing song niggas drake thank me later datpiff piss me off.

Well without knowing you at all Id have to say that you're older than 15 and a drake thank me later datpiff. Im pretty sure he was giving you a compliment. Just sayin anybody that doesnt like Drake is more than likely an adult male, we seem to be the only ones that dont know why dude has so much hype around him for makin shity music. He fuckin whines too much for me. But drake thank me later datpiff like really so commercial i just dont take him serious.

You prob a cool chick and roll my shit up while I drive, if you dont like whatevers hot this week on MTV and dont read drake thank me later datpiff bullshit mags at the checkout of the store then you're straight in my book. Shit I got a crib on the southside of Chicago and a house in the burbs of AZ] [Don't take life too serious. Tell pharoahhhhhhhhhhh let my cousin Growwwwwwwwwwwwww. The cover is 3D It didn't even feel like rap to me.

This nigga seems like nothing but a light-skinned Lil Wayne wannabe now. I had to register to ask wtf is Drake bein so fake about? He's realistic, intelligent That's bein fake?? Im confused. Me myself I didnt say he was fake, I dont think hes fake at all he looks as gay as he prob is, I just said he isnt good to me, I like guys that can really sing like Bobby Womack and dude that can really rap like Scarface, if I wanted to hear mediocre Id go to open mic night.

I get the picture fam! You keepin' it ! Drake smart, niggas like me just gonna steal it anyway! Make a album for the females, and laugh to the bank! He's the same artist as when he came in same flow, same one tone singing.

He could really keep all the singing, that why I recycle, but I could never hate someone I never met! Popular content Today's: Last viewed:

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