Favourite anarcho album

favourite anarcho album

Christoph Alex (born ), better known as Favorite, is a German rapper and songwriter. In his album Christoph Alex peaked at number 4 in the German charts. Harlekin; Anarcho; Christoph Alex; Neues von Gott; Alternative für Deutschland. Favorite is one of the key rappers associated with Germany's independent Debut solo album Harlekin (), as well as Anarcho () and Christoph Alex . An Anarcho Punk Top 10 list of bands for Punk77 including Crass, Conflict, Possible' LP (), which has to rate as one of the best album titles of all time!. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of Anarcho on Discogs. favourite anarcho album

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These favourite anarcho album the basic political ideologies that are prevalent in contemporary times. Still, most political works can be broadly defined as falling into one of the following categories. Please note, the following categories are ideological. Several groups running in Real Life elections often use these terms, but to refer to their political bloc rather than as an indicator of their actual ideological leanings.

For instance, in the contemporary USA 'liberalism' is an umbrella which favourite anarcho album everything between Socialism and Third-Way Neoliberalism, whereas 'conservativism' is another umbrella covering everything from Neoconservative-Neoliberalism to Hardline-Conservatism. In other places "liberalism" has quasi-fused with "conservatism" and runs against an ideology named after some founding figure "Guy X-ism" - this is particularly common in Latin America, which loves to name political styles and ideologies after people, both living and dead both connected and unrelated to said ideology.

Ideological thinking is inevitable because the human mind is structured to think in terms of Tropes. Memories of personal experiences, Real Life events, and fictional events are all processed and remembered in the same way activating the same areas of the brain during MRI scans.

This is why TV Tropes is so absorbing, favourite anarcho album why we had to purge the Troper Tales and "This Troper" sections in the "Real Life" folders of every page — some already had more personal tales than all the fictional ones put together, and almost every article would eventually favourite anarcho album ended up that way. When we browse this page, we inevitably come across at least one ideology that doesn't sound like an ideology at all. To us, it doesn't sound like a belief system: This is favourite anarcho album we are, all of us, ideologues.

The ideologies that we accept are barely noticeable or totally invisible to us because their precepts and our personal beliefs are largely or wholly identical, so there are few or no noticeable differences.

Moreover, few ideologies can be fully explained by their adherents: Every ideology has had proponents who have proclaimed it as favourite anarcho album non-ideological or post-ideological, and few have explicitly pushed their ideologies by calling them that: Nationalism, Liberalism, Socialism, and Conservatism arose from one long period in human history with three stages:.

During the Enlightenment, the prevailing beliefs amongst philosophers were that human beings were rational beings that could understand the environment around them, and thus learn to manipulate it to their benefit.

In favourite anarcho album, the Enlightenment was a period where most people were confident in linux journal archive music ability, human progress and self-determination of the individual or free will. Enlightenment philosophers can be divided into two camps; the British or Empirical enlightenment, and the Continental or Rationalist enlightenment.

These camps had different theories about how reason worked; the empiricists believed it worked on the basis of human experience. The rationalists believed it worked favourite anarcho album making logical deductions from intuitively-known first principles.

Regardless of this difference, both camps agreed on the broad points stated above: Favourite anarcho album such, the dominant ideology of the time was Liberalism see below.

Both Empiricists e. Arguably, they were following on in the wake of David Hume arguably, they were going much further than he did. On the Continental side, Rationalism had been pushed to extremes that argued reason has a nature which shapes its user. This is arguably derivative from Kant, but many additions were made by Kant's favourite anarcho album successors known as the German Idealists. For instance, Fichte argued that one's nationality shapes one's consciousness.

Hegel took this even further, arguably diminishing the role of human beings as free agents in favor of making them voices of larger forces. The Continental German Idealist Counter-Enlightenment gave us Hegel who was a great influence on Karl Marx see Socialism, belowalthough Marx was inspired by The Enlightenment as well as the Counter-Enlightenment and Fichte who has been called the father of German Nationalism and was arguably a great influence on Fascism.

The Counter-Enlightenment overall constituted a rejection of the Enlightenment view of humanity as rational favourite anarcho album capable of understanding the world and possessing favourite anarcho album will.

The British Counter-Enlightenment cast doubt on the efficacy of our reason. The Continental Counter-Enlightenment did so as well, by asking how much of our minds and selves were conditioned by external forces Zeitgeists, Nationalities, Economic conditions, et cetera. It is in the context of the Enlightenment and Counter-Enlightenment that the following political theories originated.

Nations and the nation-state are and should be the bedrock of the political order! But more importantly for you and me, doesn't it feel awesome to share in the greatness of such a uniquely exceptional and great nation as ours? Associated Economic Theories if any. The idea of the nation was originally a radical and bold one. It was fashioned during The French Revolution. The Revolutionaries were set on building a Republic that could govern a large area of land, and be representative of the same, nullifying and usurping the claims of the kingdom and The Church in the minds of the people.

To make it clear, while a country used to depend on the personal territory of a King, nationalism implied that a country was unified by its people.

In the context of Wiped out by off mp3, Nationalism means favourite anarcho album a submitted people wants a government that comes from itself, not from a foreign people, democratically or not, and as such rises of Nationalism often meant the death of Empires.

Nations insisted that people are citizens, equally important in creating the whole state by means of certain commonalities, which they claimed had existed but had been invisible, hidden and suppressed in the past. Nationalism sought to make this visible by means of symbols and institutions and thus was born during the French Revolution, both by deliberate design and spontaneous improvisation, favourite anarcho album things as National Flags, National Anthems, National Museums, National Schools, National Banks and a bunch of official propaganda saluting patriots and heroes of the Nation.

This idea persisted even when they converted into an Empire, when Emperor Bonaparte introduced further ideas namely the award for the highest citizen, the Legion d'Honneur subsequently copied by other nations, such as the US Presidential Medal of Freedom which he awarded to both military and civilian professionals. The Nation is and always has been an abstract concept. And so, nationalism is more or less governed by ideas, images and symbols, rather than empirical and rationally consistent ideas.

The ideas, images and symbols which favourite anarcho album chosen either from above or from below, and often by both are intend to represent the nation to its citizens and also be representative of the citizens themselves. Before nationalism, citizens were product of their environments, their families, their religions and social classes. After nationalism, citizens are products of all that and the nation which is inculcated to them by education, by professional service and by the given Popcultural Osmosis of the national entity.

In the life-cycle favourite anarcho album nation states, first the citizens form the nation either by revolution or general consent but then the Nation starts forming its citizens, starts defining, categorizing and labeling them and by the second or third generation, what was originally abstract, improvised and theoretical comes to seem authentic, traditional and material.

Nationalism is so unquestioned and all-pervasive today that it is more a belief than an ideology and that proves its success as favourite anarcho album ideology in replacing its older stuctures. As it has nothing to say about individual people and their well-being, it has no set opinion on the political economy and its social structures. Hence its paradox favourite anarcho album being both particular and to a degree universal. Nationalism has two basic tenets: First, everyone on earth belongs to a 'nation', an imagined community which exists because people who identify with it believe it does.

The second tenet of nationalism is that every 'nation' on earth should have a state that governs an amount of territory, and that all the people of that 'nation' should live within that territory. Given the power of this abstract concept and its vital importance, it became quite important to people of different interests to be, selective of what represents the nation and what is considered to be representative of its citizens.

It could be common language and common religion, common culture, but languages can be learnt and what if people share the same religion and different language, and vice versa and what about outsiders who share neither language nor religion, or one of both who develop a Foreign Culture Fetish?

Obviously, favourite anarcho album needed to be more specific and eventually other filters had to be added, and eventually race and ethnicity was decided in the course of the 19th and early 20th Century. Favourite anarcho album was born ethno-nationalism a strain of nationalism that is remarkable for its global reach, spreading from Central and Eastern Europe to the Middle Favourite anarcho album to the Indian Subcontinent, to Africa and beyond.

Other strains include nativism, a concept which insists that particular citizens, a herrenvolkhave aristocratic claims and entitlements to the nation, its rights and its services, over other groups of citizens, even if the latter are officially citizens, residents and speakers of the same language as the former, and over time via ethnic successionthe concept of natives favourite anarcho album change, the herrenvolk expands to former marginal groups so favourite anarcho album to better combat more newcomers.

You can see how these beliefs are trouble especially when taken to their extreme conclusions. By valuing nations above people, virtually any sacrifice of a nation's people short of sacrificing absolutely everyone of that nation in the name of that nation is acceptable Most nation-states save the Democratic People's Republic of Korea would be severely criticized for making such a trade-off as the one just outlined.

While most nationalists value their own nation and members of it more than they do foreign nations and foreign people, they probably wouldn't believe that their nation is such an important cause that all those people should die in its name. While nationalism in this video cover remains a strong force in the world today, there can be no doubt favourite anarcho album it is far weaker than it was zesde metaal youtube er the 20th century due to the events of the World Wars as well as the power of liberalism, which opposes nationalism on the grounds that real individual people are not worth sacrificing for any kind of 'imagined' community, no matter how strongly people may feel about it.

On the other hand, the myriad forms of nationalism and resurging influence in more recent times mean that the devil really is in the details. Nationalism is often distinguished from patriotisma personal affinity or loyalty to one's country without a specific feeling that it is better than others. George Orwell preferred to define Patriotism as a love for one's homeland that has no intention of imposing upon others.

Samuel Favourite anarcho album on the other hand saw patriotism as "the last resort of scoundrels" while Ambrose Bierce differed from Dr. Johnson by insisting that it's the first. Regardless, nationalism and patriotism can be in line favourite anarcho album liberalism, and left-wing socialism and even internationalist communism.

But more jingoistic fervorwhen combined with anti-liberal politics, social darwinism where only the fittest nations can survive and dominate race-based ideas, and militarism, the result tends to become Fascism or National Socialism. The chief objective for liberalism is human freedom within reasonable limits. Freedom means the ability to do what one wills with one's own life and property, and build and live in a society where the state and church do not interfere and regulate.

More importantly liberals of multiple types believe in representative government. They believe that governing is a profession like favourite anarcho album doctor, a teacher, a lawyer and some lawyers do end up governingand that it can only be handled by experts. These favourite anarcho album need to have a constituency, and need to be balanced by other experts, but once empowered in office, your representatives govern and you, citizen, while free to criticize, voice displeasure, protest and so on, cannot really interfere with the actions of the representatives.

Sure you might try to vote him and get another representative to reverse said edict, which is of course time consuming favourite anarcho album tedious but fundamentally the agency of the citizen in directing and regulating laws, stops at the ballot, after which it's entirely up to the representatives.

Anarchists and Anarcho-Syndicalists believe in "direct democracy" i. They point out that said direct democracy existed in Ancient Athens and was supported by the likes of Jean-Jacques Rousseau and others. Likewise the notion whether laws and measures put up to a wide referendum, based on a one-time measure among a populace not fully cognizant of the technical details of the entanglements of domestic and foreign policy, can be truly representative of the people's best interests is up in the air.

Even the radical-for-their-time Jacobins the origins of today's Social Liberals were against referendums and defended the principle of representative government.

Jacobins denounced this idea since it attacked the principle of representation, and risked polarizing favourite anarcho album sparking civil war by forcing citizens to take a difficult moral stand, while painting their representatives as cowards who wanted to pass the buck, totally delegitimizing them. Because of this, Liberals of various types, are vulnerable to attacks of cultivating elitism and aristocracy in society.

Aristocracy in the original Athenian sense i. These attacks can come from their Left and from the reactionary and conservative Right, from the revolutionary Left, and from populists on the extreme right and extreme left. Liberals see themselves as working for reforms within institutions and believe that institutions safeguard liberties and allow ordinary people to live as they please.

In practice, critics argue, this leads liberals to be devoted to maintaining the existing power structures of society, and working with the interests of power holders rather than the powerless. Historically there were a number of splits in liberalism, especially as it came to evolve between American, British and French political traditions over the last two hundred years. Within England and America there is the split between Natural-Law liberalism and Utilitarian liberalism. Natural-law liberalism holds that humans, due to divine or natural law, have certain rights that favourite anarcho album government should infringe upon.

These rights are due to self-ownership, meaning that you own pribeh zraloka firefox, and no other human does though you may belong to Godaccording to early liberals, you do not belong to any other person. John Locke was a aimer starringchild proponent for this view, which was also influential in The American Revolution.

Utilitarian liberalism grew in popularity in the 19th century, and it holds that the best course of action is to pursue what would bring the greatest happiness to the greatest number of people. Since only the individual knows what would bring the greatest happiness to himself or herself, then governments should pursue a policy of personal autonomy, letting everybody pursue their own happiness. The most influential advocate for utilitarian liberalism was John Stuart Mill, who was also a major influence on what is now called social liberalism, despite not being generally considered favourite anarcho album a social liberal himself.

This brings us to the other great split in liberalism:

Christoph Alex bornbetter known as Favoriteis a German rapper and songwriter. At age of 12 Favorite rapper lost his parents in a fire and lived several years in favourite anarcho album orphanages. The loss of his parents is a theme in many of Favorite's songs such as: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

This biography of a living person needs additional citations for verification. Please help by adding reliable sources. Contentious material about living persons that is unsourced or poorly sourced must be removed immediatelyespecially if potentially libelous or harmful. Find sources: This section of a biography of a living person needs additional citations for verification. Main article: Favorite discography. Harlekin Anarcho Christoph Alex Neues von Gott German Album Charts.

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