Hidden objects games for android

hidden objects games for android

5 Best Hidden Object Games For Android. by Valerie January 2, , am. When we talk about games, the one thing that comes to our mind are addictive. Solve mind teasing mysteries in the glamorous s! Dive into June Parker's captivating quest to unveil a scandalous family secret. Escape to an era of. Here are our picks for the best hidden object games for android devices. Our toplist will be updated weekly so stay tuned!. Get now the Best hidden object games for Android, including Abyss: the Wraiths of Eden, Special Enquiry Detail: The Hand that Feeds, Seekers Notes and Enjoy millions of the latest Android apps, games, music, movies, TV, books, magazines & more. Anytime, anywhere, across your devices.

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Hidden Object games are for the patient people. These games test your eyes, your thinking, and your problem-solving skills in the most complex way. If you are a patient person who loves to think before any of your moves in a game and look for all the clues, then you should play hidden object games on your Android phone. Fret not, because we bring you the best-hidden object games that you can download and enjoy right now on your Android device.

Below are the 15 best-hidden object games for Android: As with most hidden object games hidden objects games for android Android, playing the game is rather simple, requiring players to just tap on objects in the scenery depending on the clues provided. Along with the main goal of looking for clues and solving levels, the game will also let you customize your very own estate island which gives an added depth to the game.

Ravenhill Ravenhill is another fantastic hidden object game that also involves some role-playing. The game allows you to customize your character right at the start, making you an essential and unique part of its story line.

A story line which hidden objects games for android about a once flourishing city that has suddenly become a ghost town. Each setting has a restrictive time limit in which you have to find all the hidden objects; which adds a level of excitement to an otherwise boring format of games. Install Ravenhill from the Play Store Free with in-app purchases 3. Murder in the Alps Murder in the Alps is an exciting interactive crime novel which plays itself out over hours of interactive gameplay in which you have to find hidden objects across multiple levels to solve a murder mystery.

The game features a number of scenic locations where you have to solve puzzles to piece together the crime that was committed at a hotel in the Alps. To help players with the clues, the game also features a strategy guide that provides hints at every step of the way.

You can collect a number of unique achievements and even enjoy some cool mini-games while solving the mystery. Get to the criminal with the information you gather and complete some fun mini games in between.

Install NCIS: Hidden Crimes from the Play Store Free with hidden objects games for android purchases. Play as the Seeker, the owner of a powerful Magical Map which will help you save the city from the oppression of the curse. Seekers Notes offers you an amazing set of hidden object puzzles spread across an awesome plot with unexpected twists and turns. The game allows you to complete more than 6, quests and assemble a collection of over unique items as you progress through the levels.

Additionally, the game hidden objects games for android allows you to craft and trade items with the hidden objects games for android of Darkwood to help you solve the mystery faster. The game is all about you using your skills as a detective to solve crimes and fight for justice. Investigate the crime scene with utmost concentration or you might miss some of the clues hidden objects games for android will help you pin down the perpetrators and get them to the pen.

Alice in the Mirrors of Albion. The game features a ton of different scenes that you can explore to unearth the hidden objects. Meet a bunch of intriguing characters, and fight crime lords. Solve the challenging puzzles and encounter unexplained mysteries to fulfil your mission in the Victorian-era setting.

Enigmatis 3: The Shadow of Karkhala If you find the usual hidden object games a bit monotonous and are looking for something a hidden objects games for android more visually appealing, then you sara seale definitely give Enigmatis 3: The Shadow of Karkhala a try.

Unlike most of the games on this list, Enigmatis 3 offers players a more dynamic experience when it comes to finding hidden objects, featuring short video clips that progress the narrative while also giving you short scenes where you can tap on clues to keep moving forward. Additionally, the game features 25 mini games and puzzles to help the player find what is hiding in the ancient monastery at the top of the snow-covered mountain.

Install Enigmatis 3: As with most other games on this list, the game gives players several different crime scenes and they have to assist Holmes in detecting the clues and solving the case. Sherlock Holmes Hidden Objects Detective Game packs more than a hidden hidden objects games for android spread across multiple levels that you can enjoy for hours at end.

Crime City Detective: Hidden Object Adventure Help Detective Dark solve criminal cases by becoming a part of the FBI and locating hidden objects spread across the crime scene. The game features a number of different investigations with well thought out plots and crime scenes that you can explore. Collect evidence, interrogate suspects and solve mysteries in this exciting hidden object game.

Install Crime City Detective: Traveler Notes, partly thanks to its poor graphical quality, poses a significant challenge as you have to look really close to locate the hidden objects. You can choose between two game modes — text and silhouette — both of which come with their own set of challenges.

In Endless Fables 3: Dark Moor you play as Pamela Cavendish, a renowned anthropologist, who goes to Scotland and discovers a dark moor which forces her to follow the amazing legend of the Red Moon. Help Cavendish uncover the mystery and visit 35 unique locationssolve over 40 mind-bending riddlesand meet 10 mysterious characters along the way.

Endless Fables 3: Install Endless Fables 3: Dark Moor from the Play Store Free with in-app purchases Demon Hunter 4: Riddles of Light, a challenging hidden object game that will test your observational skills. Solve the riddles of light and confront the dark hidden objects games for android to defeat primeval demons and rescue Ashmoore. The game also features a number of different artifacts spread across the excavation sites that you can collect to further progress in your mission.

Install Demon Hunter 4: Riddles of Light from the Play Store Free with in-app purchases Snark Busters: Final countdown midi dangdut Revved Up. Are you ready to catch some Snark? Because this is the Snark Busters Club and if you want your name among the top hunters then you will have to find one for yourself. Play mini-games, find challenging pieces of puzzles and look for all the hidden clues to find your Snark in this game bright and colorful game.

Install Snark Busters: Hidden Objects: Mystery of the Enchanted Forest Explore the secrets of the enchanted forest in this amazing hidden objects game that features 30 challenging levels and hundreds of different objects. The beautifully hand-crafted levels can be played in a couple of different ways, allowing you to choose the difficulty and select if you want to see the hidden objects as text, images or silhouettes. Download Hidden Objects: Mystery of the Enchanted Forest if you like a good challenge and are looking for a hidden object game that makes you think.

Install Hidden Objects: Get your Android devices out and start finding all the hidden objects and become the best detective with a sharp eye. If you think there are other games that need to be hidden objects games for android in the list, then feel free to post them in the comment section below.

Thanks for the list! Mystery — Hidden Objects. Have you heard of it? Unlike other games it has main hero customization and actual fighting with monsters. This is an amazing HO game that keeps you coming back for more! I guarantee if you enjoy HO games this one is a must have.

I have Secret Society and although it is free to download, there are constant reminders to buy things. You cannot just purchase the game and play like other games. You are also timed with every scene. The scenes are fantastic and would be a best game if it were not for these constant barriers to play. I was going to download others from G5 but they all seem to follow this format of buying things, timed play, and waiting, waiting.

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hidden objects games for android

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