Icecast v2

icecast v2

MP3 streams, online, Ogg Vorbis streams,icecast, web radio. ICEcast GUI is a icecast streaming server interface which allows radio stations to effectively broadcast audio online (this is known as webcasting). Icecast server is released as free software maintained by the Please note that, especially for new Icecast users, editing the config file can be. The unencrypted password used by sources to connect to icecast2. Currently, the username for all source connections must be 'source'. This is likely to change. IceCast. SHOUTcast is owned by AOL, Icecast is free open source script owned by the public SHOUTcast server can only handle 1 feed at a time, IceCast you can stream up to 3 different feeds on the same port. You can SHOUTcast v2. Icecast Release We are pleased to announce the next. icecast v2

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Ani lorak spasibo mp3 s Enable this to prevent this mount from being shown on the xsl pages. This option is not available on win An optional mountpoint to use when shoutcast DSP compatible icecast v2 connect. Download Icecast Current Release 2. This icecast v2 value specifies a mountpoint that clients are automatically moved to if the source shuts down or is not streaming at the time a listener connects.
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This section will describe each section of the config file and is grouped into the following sections:. This section contains server level settings that, in general, do not need to be changed. Only modify this section if you are know what you are doing. This section contains all the users and passwords used for administration purposes or to connect sources and relays. This section contains all the settings for listing a stream on any of the Icecast2 YP Directory servers.

Multiple occurances of this section icecast v2 be specified in order to be listed on multiple directory servers. This section contains miscellaneous server settings. Note that multiple listen-socket sections may be configured in order to have icecast2 listen on multiple network interfaces. If a bind-address is not specified for a particular listen-socket, then the socket will be bound to all interfaces. Generally, you won't need icecast v2 set bind-address. There is an internal limit icecast v2 20 listening sockets currently, which may be extended in later releases.

This section contains the server's relay settings. There are two types of relays: The following diagram shows the basics of doing a Master relay. If only specific mountpoints need to be relayed, then you must configure Server 1 as a "Specific Mountpoint Relay".

Both Master server relays and Specific Mountpoint relays begin their "relaying" when the Server is started. The server that is being relayed does not need any special configuration. Changes the default on-demand setting for relays, so a icecast v2 is only icecast v2 if listeners are connected. This section contains the settings which apply only to a specific mountpoint and applies student biodata form an incoming stream whether it is a relay or a source client.

As a general rule, only define what you need to but each mount definition needs at least the mount-name.

Changes to most of these will apply across a configuration file re-read even on active streams, however some only apply when the stream starts or ends. An optional value which will specify the file those contents will be sent to new listeners when they connect but before the normal stream is sent. Make sure the format of the file specified matches the streaming format.

The specified file is appended to webroot before being opened. A fallback mount can also state a file that is located in webroot. This is useful for playing a pre-recorded file in the case of a stream going down.

It will repeat until either the listener disconnects or a stream comes back available and takes the listeners back. As per usual, the file format should match the stream format, failing to do so may icecast v2 problems with playback. Note that the fallback file is not timed so be careful if you intend to relay this. They are fine on slave streams but don't use them on master streams, if you do then the relay will consume stream data at a faster rate and the listeners on the relay would eventually get kicked off.

When set to 1, this will cause new listeners, when the max listener count for the icecast v2 has been reached, to move to the icecast v2 mount if there is one specified. Setting this option prevents this mountpoint from advertising on YP. The default is 0 so YP advertising can occur however you may want to prevent it here if icecast v2 intend listeners to connect to a local relay instead. The default setting for this is -1 indicating that it is up to the source client or relay to determine if this mountpoint should advertise.

A setting of 0 will prevent any advertising and a setting of 1 will force it to advertise. If you do force advertising you may need to set other settings listed below as the Icecast v2 server can refuse to advertise if there is not enough information provided.

The URL is generally for directing people to a website. This can be anything be using certain key words can help searches in the YP directories.

This is stated in kbps. It is very unlikely that this will be needed. Setting this will add the specified subtype to the stats and therefore YP for this mountpoint. The subtype is really to help the YP server to identify the components of the type. This optional setting specifies what interval, in bytes, there is between metadata updates within shoutcast compatible streams. This only applies icecast v2 new listeners connecting on this mountpoint, not existing listeners falling back to this mountpoint.

The default is either the hardcoded server default or the value passed from a relay. State a program that is run when the source is started. It is passed a parameter which is the name of the mountpoint that is starting. The processing of the stream does not wait for the rms winlink s to end. This option is not available on win State a program that is run when the source ends.

It is passed a parameter which is the name of the mountpoint that has icecast v2. This section contains paths which are used for various things within icecast.

This section contains information relating to logging within icecast. There are two logfiles currently generated by icecast v2, an error.

This section contains configuration settings that can be used to secure the icecast server by performing a chroot to a secured location. This is currently not supported on win Icecast 2 Config File Overview This section will describe each section of the config file icecast v2 is grouped into the following sections: Listeners are considered clients, but so is icecast v2 to any icecast v2 content i. This is the number of threads that are started to handle client connections.

You may need to increase this value if you are running a high traffic stream. This recommended value is for a small to medium traffic icecast v2. This is the maximum size in bytes of a client listener queue.

A listener may temporarily lag behind due to network congestion and in this case an internal queue is maintained for each listener.

If the queue grows larger than this config value, then the listener will be removed from the stream. The maximum time in seconds to wait for a request to come in once the client has made razia sultan mp3song er connection to the server. In general this value should not need to be tweaked. If a connected source does not send any data within this timeout period in secondsthen the source connection will be removed from the server.

With this enabled, icecast v2 connecting client will be sent a burst of audio data from the stream. This will have the effect of reducing the startup time for the icecast v2 from the perspective of the listener. This is due to the fact that most media players have local buffers that must be filled before the stream begins icecast v2 play. This may introduce a small latency in the stream difference in time between when the icecast v2 plays a clip and the listener hears a clip.

If this latency is important to you, then you can disable this feature. The burst size is the amount of data in bytes to burst to a client at connection time. Like icecast v2, this is to quickly fill the icecast v2 used by media players. The default is 64kbytes which is a typical size used by most clients so changing it is not usually required. This setting applies to all mountpoints. The unencrypted password used by sources to connect to icecast2.

Currently, the username for icecast v2 source connections must be 'source'. This is likely to change in the future. Used in the master server as part of the authentication when a slave requests the list of streams to relay. The default icecast v2 is 'relay'.

This includes retrieving statistics, accessing the web-based administration screens, etc. A list of these functions can be found in the "Administration" section of the icecast v2.

This value is the maximum time icecast2 will wait for a response from a particular directory server. The recommended value should be sufficient for most directory servers. The URL which icecast2 uses to communicate with the Directory server. Icecast v2 value for this setting is provided by the owner of the Directory server. An optional IP address that can be used to bind to a specific network card.

If not supplied, then it will bind to all interfaces. This optional flag will indicate that this port will operate in 'shoutcast-compatibility' mode. Due to major differences in the source client connection protocol, if you wish to use any of the shoutcast DJ tools, you will need to configure at least one socket as shoutcast-compatible.

Note that when in this mode, only source clients and specifically shoutcast source clients will be able to attach to this port. All listeners may connect to any of the ports defined without this flag.

Also, for proper Shoutcast DSP compatibility, you must define a listen socket with a port one less than the icecast v2 defined as 'shoutcast-compat'. This means if you define as shoutcast-compat, then you will need to define a listen port of and it must not also be defined as shoutcast-compat.

See the example config file in the distribution for more info. This flag turns on the icecast2 fileserver from which static files can be served. An optional mountpoint to use when shoutcast DSP compatible clients icecast v2. This is the Icecast v2 for the server which contains the mountpoints to be relayed Master Server.

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