Mg 42 59 youtube er

mg 42 59 youtube er

This list of most-disliked YouTube videos contains the top 50 videos with the most dislikes of all . "Rap Devil", Machine Gun Kelly, , %, September 3, "Учим цвета Разноцветные яйца на ферме Развивающий мультик для детей", Мирошка ТВ, , % . Siegler, M. G. (September 22, ). kasvispata salaatti By Keittiömaailma - Duration: 60 seconds. 7 views; 5 days ago . Play next; Play now. Raakapatukat - Duration: 41 seconds. 52 views; 3. The MG and MG machine guns were the mainstay of German infantry (and . sitting with the bullets pointing down in five or so round columns, er . When the ×51 NATO version, the MG1-MG3 (aka MG/59)series was introduced, the .

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The MG 42 shortened from German: Maschinengewehr 42, or "machine gun 42" is a 7. It was intended to replace the earlier MG 34which was more expensive and took much longer to produce, but both weapons were produced until the end of the war. Designed to be low-cost and easy to build, the MG 42 proved to be highly reliable and easy to operate. It is most notable for its very high cyclic rate for a gun using full power service cartridges, averaging about 1, rounds per minute compared to around for the MG 34, and perhaps to for other common machine guns like the M Browning or Bren.

This ability made it extremely effective in providing suppressive fireand its unique sound led to it being nicknamed "Hitler's buzzsaw".

The MG 42 was adopted by several armed organizations after the war, and was both copied and built under licence. Even before World War Ithe German military was already looking forward to replacing the heavy machine guns which proved to be such a success in that war.

The MG13 was one of the first developments toward a goal of producing a weapon that could perform multiple roles, rather than just one. The MG13 was the result of reengineering the Dreyse Water cooled machine gun to fit the new requirement. This eventually led to the Einheitsmaschinengewehr Universal machine gun introducing an entirely new concept in automatic firepower.

By changing its mount, sights and feed mechanism, the operator could radically transform an Einheitsmaschinengewehr for several purposes. Mg 42 59 youtube er MG 34 is considered to be the first modern general-purpose machine gun or Einheitsmaschinengewehr. It was developed to use the standard German 7. Equipped with a quick-change barrel and fed either with non-disintegrating metallic-link beltsor from a round Gurttrommel belt drum or a round spring-loaded saddle-drum Patronentrommel 34 magazines with a simple change of the feed cover for a Trommelhalter magazine holderthe MG 34 could sustain fire for much longer periods of time than other portable squad-level weapons such as the American B.

The MG 34 was also quite versatile; not only was it able to be fed from belted ammunition or a saddle drum magazine, it could also be fired from a bipod, an innovative Lafette 34 tripod or various pintle mounts for armored vehicles. Switching between a bipod and a tripod required no special tools, as the mounting latch was spring-loaded. As the MG 34 Panzerlaufit was used throughout the war as secondary armament on panzers and other vehicles. One attempt at improvement was the MG 34San incremental improvement on the basic 34 design.

The MG 34S could cope with mg 42 59 youtube er cyclic fire rate of 1, rounds per minute. However, the MG 34 did have its drawbacks, such as sensitivity to dirt and mud, and comparatively complex and expensive production. In order to address these issues, a contest was held for a true MG 34 replacement. Three companies were asked to submit designs: Gruner would attend an army machine gunner's course to familiarize himself with the utility and characteristics of such a weapon, also seeking input from soldiers.

He then recycled an existing Mauser -developed operating system and incorporated features from his experiences with army machine gunners and lessons learned during the early stages of the war. The resulting MG 39 remained similar to the earlier MG 34 overall, a deliberate decision made to maintain familiarity. The only major changes from the gunner's perspective were dropping of the drum-magazine feed option, leaving the weapon to fire belted ammunitionor from a single round drum-shaped Gurttrommel belt container fitted to the gun's receiver, and simplifying the weapon's open sights for aiming purposes.

All these changes were intended to increase, maintain, or accommodate the gun's high practical rate of fire. Although made of relatively inexpensive and simple parts, the prototypes also proved to be considerably more rugged and resistant to jamming than the precisely machined and somewhat temperamental MG Production during the war amounted to overunits 17, units in, in, inand 61, in The gun like the MG 34 mg 42 59 youtube er sometimes called "Spandau" by British troops, a traditional generic term for all German machine guns, left over from the famous Allied nickname for the MG 08 Maxim -derivative used by German forces during World War I and derived from its manufacturer 's plates noting the city where some were produced.

The German tactical doctrine of the era based a squad 's firepower on the general-purpose machine gun in the light machine gun role so that the mg 42 59 youtube er of the rifleman mg 42 59 youtube er largely to carry ammunition and provide covering fire for the machine gunners.

The advantage of the general purpose machine gun concept was that it added greatly to the overall volume of fire that could be put out by a squad -sized unit. It was possible for operating crews to lay down a non-stop barrage of fire, pausing only when the barrel had to be replaced. This allowed the MG 42 to tie up significantly larger numbers of enemy troops.

The Americans and the British trained their troops to take cover from the fire of an MG 42, and assault the position mg 42 59 youtube er the small time window of barrel replacement, which took around 4 to 7 seconds estimated. The German military kept issuing Karabiner 98k bolt-action rifles and did experiment with semi-automatic rifles throughout World War II. Mg 42 59 youtube er to the relatively limited production of semi-automatic and assault mg 42 59 youtube er, the Karabiner 98k of which over 14, were built remained the primary service weapon until the last days of World War II, and was manufactured until the surrender in May The Allied nations squad tactical doctrines of World War II centered on the rifleman, with the machine gun serving a support role, and they utilised weapons with cyclic rates of fire of typically — rounds per minute.

The American military had standardized a semi-automatic rifle in the M1 Garand that could be effectively fired more rapidly than the preceding bolt-action rifles.

The Allied nations had machine guns with similar rates of fire, but mounted them almost exclusively in aircraft, where the fleeting opportunities for firing made such high rates necessary. The only similar Allied weapon was the Vickers K aircraft gunand that was used by ground forces only in specialized circumstances. As personal small arms the squad leader was issued a rifle or as of around a submachine gunthe machine gunner and his assistant were issued pistols and the deputy squad leader, ammunition carrier and the riflemen were issued rifles.

The riflemen carried additional ammunition, hand grenadesexplosive charges or a machine gun tripod as required and provided security and covering fire for the machine gun team. The optimum operating crew of an MG mg 42 59 youtube er in its medium machine gun role was six men: One of the Einheitsmaschinengewehr Lynda courses machine gun roles was to provide low level anti-aircraft coverage. A high cyclic rate of fire firing rate is advantageous for use against targets that are exposed to a general-purpose machine gun for a limited time span, like aircraft or targets that minimize their exposure time by quickly moving from cover to cover.

For targets that can be fired on by a general-purpose machine gun for longer periods than mg 42 59 youtube er a few seconds the cyclic firing rate becomes less important. As a consequence one of the MG 42 most notable features was in its high cyclic rate of fire of about 1, to 1, rounds per minute, twice the rate of the Vickers and Browning machine guns, which fired at a rate of about rounds per minute.

The ear could not easily discern the sound mg 42 59 youtube er individual shots being fired, instead hearing a sound described as like "ripping cloth" or a buzzsaw.

The high cyclic rate of fire of the MG 42 sometimes proved a liability mainly in that, while the weapon could be used to devastating effect, it could quickly exhaust its ammunition supply.

For this reason, it was not uncommon for all soldiers operating near an MG 42 to carry extra ammunition, thus providing the MG 42 with a backup source when its main supply was exhausted.

Another disadvantage of the MG 42 was that the high cyclic rate of fire led to the barrel overheating quickly during rapid fire. After around rounds of fire, the gun operator would open a side hatch leading to the barrel and replace the overheated barrel with a new one. The machine gun crew member responsible for a hot barrel change was issued protective asbestos gloves to prevent getting burned. The German military instructed that sustained fire must be avoided at all costs. They ruled that the results of sustained fire were disappointing and that the expenditure of ammunition involved was "intolerable.

In the tripod mounted medium machine gun role MG 42 users were trained to fire short bursts and bursts of 20 to mg 42 59 youtube er rounds and strive to optimize their aim between mg 42 59 youtube er fired in succession. The MG 42 weighed The bipod, the same maitre gims mixtape used on the MG 34, could be mounted to the front or the center of the gun depending on how and where it was being used.

The roller-locked bolt assembly consists of a bolt head, two rollers, a striker sleeve, bolt body, and a large return spring, which is responsible for pushing the bolt assembly into battery the locked position and returning it there when it is unlocked and pushed backwards by the recoil of firing or by the charging handle. As the striker sleeve is movable back and forth within the bolt assembly, the return spring is also responsible for pushing the striker sleeve forward during locking described below.

The bolt assembly locks with the barrel's breech the end the cartridge is loaded into via a prong type barrel extension behind the breech. As it is recoil-operated and fired from an open bolt, the weapon must be manually charged with the side-mounted charging handle. The roller-locked recoil operation functions as follows: Upon firing, rearward force from the recoil of the cartridge ignition pushes the striker assembly back and allows the rollers to move inwards, back to their previous position, unlocking the bolt head and allowing the bolt assembly to recoil, extracting the spent cartridge and ejecting it down.

The return spring then pushes the bolt assembly forwards again, pushing a new cartridge out of the belt into the breech, and the sequence mg 42 59 youtube er as long as the trigger is depressed. The MG 42 is capable only of fully automatic fire.

Single shots left for dead 2 soundtrack difficult, even for experienced operators, due to the weapon's rate of fire. The usual training objective is to be able to fire a burst of no more than three rounds. The weapon features a recoil booster at the muzzle to increase rearwards force due to recoil, therefore improving functional reliability and rate of fire.

The cyclic firing rate of the MG 42 can be altered by installing different bolts and recoil springs. A heavier bolt uses more recoil energy to overcome inertia, thus slowing the cyclic rate of the machine gun.

Heavy bolts also were used along with stiffer mg 42 59 youtube er springs. The shoulder stock is designed to permit gripping with the left hand to hold it secure against the shoulder. An auxiliary anti-aircraft "spider web" ring sight is kept in the maintenance kit, that can be fitting on itunes windows barrel jacket to mg 42 59 youtube er used in conjunction with a folding anti-aircraft rear peep sight that is attached by a hinge to the rear sight element base.

The barrel of the MG 42 could be quickly changed by the machine gun crew and weighed 1. The barrels could have traditional rifling or polygonal rifling. Polygonal rifling was an outgrowth of a cold-hammer forging process developed by German engineers before World War II. The process addressed the need to produce more durable machine gun barrels in less time than those produced with traditional methods.

The different versions meant that the service life of an MG 42 barrel varied between 3, and 8, rounds. The MG 42 incorporated lessons hard-won on the Eastern Front. Both the cocking handle and the catch for the top cover to the working parts were designed so that the gunner could operate them wearing arctic mittens or with a stick or rod. This was vital for winter conditions where contact by bare flesh on cold metal could cause severe injury, such as instant frostbite. The MG 42 belt-feed mechanism was copied and used in the design of the M60 machine gun.

For the medium machine gun role a large tripod, the Lafette 42, was available that included a number of features, such as recoil absorbing buffer springs, MG Z 34 or MG Z 40 periscope-type telescopic sight containing special sighting equipment for indirect fireor the late World War II MG Z 44, designed for direct fire only.

An accessory to lengthen these sights' periscope was available to use these sights behind cover. It could be set up in a prone, kneeling or high position. The Lafette 42 weighed The Lafette 42 tripod also had a bolt box to store a spare bolt and return spring. If selected, this feature mechanically controlled the rise and fall of the gun, elevating the gun for five rounds and then depressing it for four rounds.

It lengthened the beaten zone by walking the fire in wave like motions up and down the range in a predefined area. The length of the beaten zone could be set on the Tiefenfeuerautomat.

This sweeping of a selected beaten zone continued as long as the gun fired. Finland acquired 5 MG 42s in July for evaluation. Three were tested with front units. Finland decided to produce 4, MG 42s modified to fire 7.

Inthe material shortages of the Third Reich led to the development of a newer version, the MG 45 or MG 42Vwhich had a different mg 42 59 youtube er mechanism that used roller-delayed blowback as opposed to roller locking. For this reason, the MG 45 is considered a different type of firearm, as the mechanisms of these two guns are different.

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Mg 42 59 youtube er now, we are shooting mg 42 59 youtube er both, and explaining how to load, unload, and operate them including changing barrels on the MG Get your copy here! Thanks to Robert, we have a series of high-resolution scans showing cutaway diagrams of a bunch of the major bolt-action systems.

Very cool to look at — thanks Robert! German ordnance began looking for a military selfloading rifle to augment the K98k as early as the s, although the pressures of war initially made that development a second priority. Bythough, two competing […]. Ian says that particularly Mg42 has a modified bolt, presumably said modification was legal so I wonder about parts rollers etc. In essence I am saying in will these pre 86 ban weapons still be functional, out of interest from a U.

K prospective? So slender and purposeful it is. These things never had a real competition; one really has to wonder if there is point in sweating out anything new. HK has sold some new designs lately; I wonder what is actual technical progress in it. FN MAG is absurdly expensive and cumbersome to make. PKM is simple but suffers with outdated cartridge.

I will try to explain it: To get the motion up and over the top of the belt requires complex linkage. That would be wdnotifier wd my cloud might be the next step to do.

Actually, I believe that is the way the new 7. Other than that I consider any MG kind of dummy device. It shots a lot and hits seldom. Aye but it keeps folks heads down, the Mg. Allowing you to move, and try to get them with a grenade etc. Sure PDB, here you go: There is a detail picture of feed pawl — comes straight from the bottom; much as I thought and mentioned in previous post.

This is light and apparently superb gun. I once drew a Mg, never finished it… Mg 42 59 youtube er looked like a Lewis gun, but in a bullpup format. And the drum mag had. The chamber had a bar through it horizontally, a toggle if you will. Ejection was via a fixed rod passing through the slide, which was attached to the frames back plate. Experimenting with ideas thru your own creativity is good thing, although it may not bring the result.

Saint-George, originally Britton have gone that way and have not as far as I know works on. There in no need to worry that might draw chuckle; at least you have the courage. As far as Pecheneg derivative of PKM, it is probably as far as you can get. The notion of changing barrel is troublesome, especially if you need to keep on moving; it is easy to loose the second barrel in addition to extra carried weight. They claim that they found a way how to do without it. By careful design, much of the heat can be kept clear of the chamber, and a stellite liner in the first few inches can resist high temperature wear much better than steels can.

Also, the thermal expansion of a hot barrel induces stresses which act in a good way, compensating for the softening of the steel with heat — so a light weight barrel can be achieved which has good life —.

This thinking had been reflected in particular on Russian light machine guns; they do not have interchangeable barrels. As for 000-lo.lo liners they seem to have use in larger calibres, such as.

I do not recollect seeing them on. Roles of machine guns are changing as they are not expected, unless mounted to vehicles, to be continuously fired. Yes, non-grunts forget that somebody has to hump all that ammunition in to feed the SAW.

The MG or gunner toted the gun; everybody else hauled the ammo for it, in addition to their own kit. At 1, RPM, the original MG was famous for acting like a bucking bronc or a rocket engine in even two-second bursts 40 rounds.

When the 7. This was used for the infantry SAW, both to increase controllability when fired on the bipod and to reduce the amount of ammo needed in the squad loadout. A bit less bulky than the M, more range and punch than the RPD, and definitely a lot more reliable than the M And if you like the 5.

Waddling along with lbs is a joke in the rain, crap mg 42 59 youtube er on the plus side Germany was full of prostitutes and beer. That is worthy remark, eon. And in accord what you say, it truly easily outdoes anything in the field. If Americans managed to shed that view which they did in case of pistol and adopted MG3, they might have been well ahead and for long time. Oh, and not to forget — the Polish iteration of PKM in 7.

This is what U. The advantage of a separate chamber is to do with heat exchanging or something, in regards a hot barrel apparently. Then the barrel pushed the chamber clear of the rod, the firing block must have moved so presumably it was attached to the barrel I forget.

Clearly it loaded from above, think it ejected at the highest point of the chambers travel going back, and loaded underneath this point going forward never finished it no picture obviously needs further work. That would work as a Lewis gun barrel jacket in principle, the muzzle blast being contained in the front of the sleeve would draw in air from the back as it exited from the front in essence is that right? The Russians have been making good firearms around that cartridge for so long that any inherent inferiorities of the rimmed design are by now practically trivial.

Disadvantage mg 42 59 youtube er 7. Ian, exept my …grande gelosia… i have a question to do. I have fired the old MG42 in a polygon in Florence and sounds litle diferent. Did you have done something with the operational spring? I always thought we should have used them, Britain. Looks flashy, does it? I think they have their GPMG sorted out. I hear Spanish on the background, probably sales pitch.

The date coincides pretty closely with the Hitler regime begining to arm up in open contravention of the Versailles Treaty. I know that the MG 34 was the culmination of a long line of guns, however one year does seem to be a very short time to get such a well developed gun, miladojka you need discography s and adopted.

Where and for how long do you think the clandestine development of what became the MG34, was taking place? The Model 29 used a rotating-cylinder locking system, short-recoil type, but in overall layout was very similar to the MG Music madonna la isla bonita was the gun the Wehrmacht trained with while waiting for the MG This is possible since the time frame is about right, and the Legion did include ground forces one [short] armored division under Wilhelm Ritter von Thoma.

Than MG was actually quite advanced gun for its time and bears some resemblance to discussed MG, with exception of feed of course. As I hazily recollect we were trashing this type in one of previous discussions. Thanks for your contribution to general knowledge! I really like that barrel change on the MG42, really ingenious. Very clever. The MAG was originally designed around the 7.

It would be interesting to see one in. Its mechanism seems to closely resemble that of the BAR. Also, the U. I believe seeing them too before, but just like you, feel rather reserved about the idea. Probably for good reason. One has to ask what will England and France replace their bull-pups mg 42 59 youtube er.

Nobody in Central or Eastern Europe is mg 42 59 youtube er in bull-pups mg 42 59 youtube er general issue. Still, Steyr AUG has been quite successful commercially and is being further developed continually. Oh, here we go….

Yes, I forgot AUG. That particular design, although it has its own merits never impressed me a lot. Maybe, because its long pull distance and bulk across waist.

I have seen report on what Thales did with it and still, somehow does not come home. Hmmm, the LSW… If you fitted a Johnson Lmg type gas assist barrel, for example and associated belt feed might not be a bad platform.

Two points; 1. The various Ruski light weight guns are much better weapons on so many points, but no mg 42 59 youtube er gun holds a candle to mg 42 59 youtube er new, or well maintained M Mg 42 59 youtube er a short, shining moment, an M is a barely acceptable weapon.

Stellite-lined barrel aside, that gun is an utter piece of junk. No, the only candles to be held regarding the M are by the thousands of long-suffering armorers and gunners who were saddled with that damn thing over the years.

I could go on for pages about the deficiencies of this weapon, and I have in the past on this very website.

mg 42 59 youtube er

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