Showkey linux source

showkey linux source

12 results You have searched for filenames that contain showkey in suite stretch, /usr/ share/doc/texlive-doc/latex/dlfltxb/ SHOWKEY(1), Linux User's Manual, SHOWKEY(1). NAMEĀ¶. showkey - examine the scan codes and keycodes sent by the keyboard Keycodes are numbers assigned by the kernel to each individual physical key. Every key., gzipped source tarball. NEWS, project news. COPYING, project license., HTML rendering of showkey When invoked in Gnome Terminal (Ubuntu ), showkey referring to the console" does not occur as a string in the program source. showkey linux source

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When invoked in Gnome Terminal 3. For one who doesn't know what this means such as myselfshowkey is thus rendered unusable. The man page has no information about this behaviour. I agree that a more helpful error message would be helpful here. I am an experience Ubuntu terminal user. However, it is not intuitive to me that showkey should require root privileges.

I would not have guessed this as a solution to resolve this error. A new error showkey linux source could take several forms: Current user cannot access a file descriptor referring to the console. Permission denied. You must run as root user.

Are you root? I personally prefer the most descriptive and helpful: Perhaps you intended to run this as root? I only just became aware of this bug myself, by trying to run showkey in the terminal emulator under i3.

The curious thing about it is that "Couldn't get a file descriptor referring to the console" does not occur as a string in the program source.

I think something else is emitting it, possibly the shell. When I googled to try to figure out what, I found this big thread. I showkey linux source it would be annoying to force users to go root in environments where it's not necessary, so I'm going to document this as a known problem on the man page and give the workaround.

I also just had the same problem on an Ubuntu Is it already known where this error message comes from, so we could change the string to something more convenient recommending the user showkey linux source become root or to run sudo?

Of course, as explained by ESR it would be nice trepanation bandcamp it was not even necessary to run the command as root, showkey linux source at least on my system normal users have no permission showkey linux source access the respective file descriptors.

Maybe this bug has already been fixed upstream in version 2. Ubuntu kbd package. This bug affects 14 people. Comment on this change optional. Email me about changes to this bug report. Also affects project? Bug Description. Installed kbd package: Add tags Tag help. Launchpad Janitor showkey linux source wrote on Status changed to 'Confirmed' because the bug affects multiple users.

Changed in kbd Ubuntu: Vibhav Pant limba engleza gramatica itunes wrote on Did you try "sudo showkey"? Steven Van Maldeghem steven-vanmaldeghem wrote on Running the command with root privileges indeed solves this issue, at least in my case. Perhaps echoing "Are you root? WinEunuchs2Unix ricklee wrote on Sondra Kinsey sondra. Eric S. Raymond esr-thyrsus wrote on I am the author of showkey.

The code ran fine under xfce, showkey linux source there is likely some window-manager specific smiley gif going on. I confirm that going root works around the problem. The 1,8 release has been shipped. My apologies for not catching this sooner. It's not a program I use often. Hi there, I also just had the same problem on an Ubuntu See full activity log.

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