Sketch driven assembly solidworks

sketch driven assembly solidworks

Expand Assemblies, Assemblies . You can use sketch driven patterns for holes or other feature instances. To build a sketch driven pattern: Click Sketch Driven Pattern (Features toolbar) or Insert > Pattern/Mirror > Sketch Driven Pattern. The Sketch Driven Pattern tool is an underused, but very useful tool. Typically, when we pattern items in SOLIDWORKS we tend to use linear or. Certified Professional Certified SolidWorks Professional . I want to create a sketch driven pattern of a part in an assembly. Any ideas?. Solidworks. David Schoon Parent. Part sketches, surfaces, solids. Child Parts. Driven features from. Parent Part Avoids circular references within assemblies .

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Sketch driven assembly solidworks don't have JavaScript enabled. This tool uses JavaScript and much of it will not work correctly without it enabled.

Please turn JavaScript back on and reload this page. Please enter a title. You can not post a blank message. Please type your message and try again. Hi I hope someone can help here is my problem: Ineed to model this scenario These fabrications will be mounted in sections next to each otherto make a greater length on the floor of 20m. I cant use feature driven becausethe hole job is made of smaller fabs so I wouldn't get enoughinstances and if I did it for everyone of the 5m fabs I would havesome in the wrong place because I will need a double width onewhere 2 plates are next to each other I was hoping to create a sketch on a plane and put a pointeverywhere I need a baseplate but in assembly features the optionfor sketch driven pattern sketch driven assembly solidworks greyed out.

I have attached a jpeg showing the fabs in situ on the floor butwith no floor plates Sorry it is a long post Dave. Rail supports. I have the same question Show 0 Likes 0. This content has been marked as final. Show 4 replies. Have you thought about making your long fabrications SmartComponents?

That way you'll already have a plate, bolts, etc. Checkthe help for Smart Components. Sketch Driven pattern is only for assembly features like cuts and holes. I guess what you need is a component pattern driven by a sketch which isn't possible. One workaround is to put a model of the floor in and create a small hole at the first baseplate location. Then use a sketch driven pattern to pattern the hole.

Then in the assembly, place the first baseplate over the hole, then use a feature driven component sketch driven assembly solidworks to pattern the baseplate using the hole pattern as the driving feature.

Many thanks for both replies, I plummed for Jasons solution as itseemed more straight forward for me. It worked a treat, I love work arounds like that sketch driven assembly solidworks cheers Dave. I managed to do this in EV, you were able to pattern anyassemblies parts based on a sketch in the assembly, such as a setof lines or points; the part s would pattern to each point in thesketch no matter where they were. I really looked forward to usingthis to help production but now it has come to the final release itseems to blasted thing has been removed and I get the good olderror message stating a feature driven pattern nsc sai da esquina skype use a patternor hole wizard.

Has anyone else used this feature in the EV of or have anyideas why it is removed or if it is due back in with a servicepack? Go to original post. Retrieving data

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MODERN AGE ERIC HUTCHINSON YAHOO In the below example we have a sheet metal part with a cut out in the back Detail A. First, you'll learn how to insert the existing part. User Interface. Controlling Display sketch driven assembly solidworks Appearance in Assemblies. Exploded Views in Assemblies. Much of what we will demonstrate in this sketch driven assembly solidworks will include modeling a part with an assembly, and making in-context references, inserting an existing part and making new in-context references to the design envelope part, making modifications to our 3D sketch design envelope part, and exploring the tab, job, and hem sheet metal tools, and driving them with a sketch block. This will make derived parts and an assembly that reference the part you started with.
sketch driven assembly solidworks

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