Autoformas en power point 2007

autoformas en power point 2007

Los Organigramas y formas en Microsoft PowerPoint son elementos complementarios en nuestras presentaciones. Tema. USO DE AUTO FORMAS. ¿Qué son las autoformas? Como alternativa a la importación de gráficos, puede crear dibujos en Word, Excel, PowerPoint. Manipular imágenes, líneas, autoformas y wordart. •. Manipular las . Microsoft Office Power Point (Paso a Paso). De .. Madrid, Sample pages from Learning Microsoft PowerPoint by Greg Bowden which includes Descripción: Examen de Microsoft Word - COMPUTACIÓN Y. PRACTICA 2 AUTOFORMAS. Uploaded by daniellomahernandez . office Microsoft-office Microsoft office Programas. Word Excel Power point. Un color: Seleccione el color y luego establezca entre claro y oscuro y su estilo de 4sombreado. colores: seleccione los dos colores y.

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Guitar hero for windows 7 To test your skills, click the Problem Solving icon. When you create a new slide in a presentation program, you are prompted to choose a placeholder. The wdtable command takes a dataframe or an array as arguments, creates a Word table of the appropriate dimensions and injects the content of the dataframe or array into it. Related Articles. Adding Animation and Sound A multimedia presentation combines text and graphics with autoformas en power point 2007 and animation. Choose the best method to meet the needs of your audience and the difficulty of the material. Also, be sure the colors are pleasing to the eye.
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Share buttons are a little bit lower. Thank you! Published by Ferdinand Wilcox Modified over 3 years ago. Every day, presentations are shown on overhead screens in classrooms and at meetings. They help people teach ideas, sell products, and autoformas en power point 2007 information with others. Before computers, creating a professional presentation took a lot of time and involved many people. First, an artist would create graphics.

Next, the autoformas en power point 2007 and wording would be organized for logical flow and visual appeal. Then, this information was transferred onto transparencies or slides. Now, thanks to presentation software, many people create presentations more quickly. In most cases, this information—called a presentation—consists of both graphics and text. Information in a presentation is organized into separate pages in an order the audience can follow easily. Each page is called a slide.

Each slide can contain one or more main points. Information about each main point is organized into a list of short, easy- to-read key points.

It allows three options for creating a new presentation: AutoContent wizard template blank presentation AutoContent Wizard A wizard is a series of dialog boxes that guides you through a step-by-step procedure. The AutoContent wizard provides the steps for creating a presentation. It asks questions about the goals and purpose of your presentation.

Once its questions are answered, the wizard creates a format for the presentation. Template Work on a presentation also may begin by selecting a template, or a preformatted version of a certain type of autoformas en power point 2007. After choosing a template, you type in your information. You can also change the look and feel of the template by adjusting its settings. Blank Presentation This option starts by providing a plain blank slide.

While this option may require more work than the other choices, it does have autoformas en power point 2007. For instance, since many schools and businesses use PowerPoint, the templates included in this program may be familiar to others.

You can create a new presentation from scratch to make your work more original by selecting your own color scheme, art, fonts, and other design elements. One of the differences between a presentation graphics program and other application software is its ability to view a document in a variety of ways.

Each view has its own strength. Depending on which version of PowerPoint you use, you may be able to choose from these views, among others: It is handy for improving the structure of complex presentations. Selecting an item in the outline generally displays the slide for that item.

Text can also be edited in this view. Slide View and Autoformas en power point 2007 View Text and graphics can be added, removed, or edited in Slide view, a basic layout in some versions of PowerPoint, or in Normal view.

Different versions of the program provide different views. Normal view splits the screen to show a Slide view and an Outline view. Slide Sorter View Slide Sorter view displays all of the slides in a presentation.

In this view, you see thumbnail miniature versions of the slides. This view allows you to change the order of the slides by dragging them to different locations. The rest of the screen shows a text box. You can jot down notes in the text box to use during a presentation or to print as handouts. Notes do not appear in the presentation that is shown to the audience.

Slide Show View The primary on-screen method of previewing and displaying slides during a presentation is called Slide Show view. Slides are displayed one after another, in order. A slide-show presentation can be set to automatically switch slides or to wait until you switch the slides yourself. A placeholder is an area within a slide layout designed to hold data such as autoformas en power point 2007 or pictures.

For instance, a layout might contain a box that asks you to add a title. Click or, in some programs, double-click the box and begin typing. The program automatically formats the text to fit the area with a preselected font and alignment.

Adding Drawings Presentation programs autoformas en power point 2007 contain a drawing toolbar—a list of basic drawing tools accessed through icons. PowerPoint drawing tools also include a large list of ready-to-use shapes, called AutoShapes.

The list includes banners, arrows, borders, frames, and more. You do not need a placeholder to create a drawing. Select the desired tool and use it in a blank area of the workspace. Adding Animation and Sound A multimedia presentation combines text and graphics with sound and autoformas en power point 2007. Both sound and animation, or moving images, are inserted by a special menu command. In some versions of PowerPoint, this command is in the Clip Art Gallery or Clip Organizer, a collection of ready-to-use images and sound.

Choose either a blank presentation or a template. If none of the templates is exactly what you want, select the one that is closest.

You can change much of its graphic content, format, and text. Graphics can be resized or deleted. Placeholders can be added, removed, or resized as well. Choose the Slide Layout Every slide in a presentation can be formatted in a preset layout. These layouts already have placeholders in position. This allows text and graphics to be added immediately. Some examples of slide layouts include bulleted lists, tables, grids, and flowcharts. Since each slide in a presentation can have a different layout, select a layout for each new slide you add.

Work With Placeholders Each placeholder is designed to be filled with data. The data can be text, such as a bulleted list. It can also be a graphic, such as a pie chart or a photo. Placeholders make work easier because they recognize the type of information to be placed. For instance, selecting a text placeholder will change the cursor to the Text tool. Selecting autoformas en power point 2007 picture placeholder will bring up a prompt asking which image to place. Placeholder prompts guide you and are overwritten, or replaced, when you type new text.

Your slide presentation does not have to include every detail. Just the most important, basic facts should appear. Adding too many different media, such as unnecessary graphics, sound, and animation, can autoformas en power point 2007 the audience from your main message.

They also take up a lot of file space, which may slow down your presentation. Finally, remember to only use features that will help your audience learn what it needs to know.

One Idea Per Slide Avoid crowding data onto a slide. Make as many slides as needed to present important information clearly. Keep It Autoformas en power point 2007 Remember, people will be listening to your speech while viewing your slides. Use simple words to make key points. Include clear transitions from one topic to another. Display Key Facts Your slides should serve as an outline for the audience. Your speech will fill in the gaps in that outline.

Displaying too much information can make a presentation hard to follow. Mix It Up Vary the format of your slides to help keep people interested in your presentation. For instance, switch between lists that appear on the right-hand and left-hand sides of your slides. An occasional photo or animation can add examples or details to a presentation. Use Color Cautiously It is best to include only a few colors on your slides.

Also, be sure the colors are pleasing to the eye. For instance, bright barrage am ring s lettering on a bright blue background might make people look away from—rather anticipation 2 album at—the information on a slide. Watch the Fonts Do not use more than two fonts on a single slide. This helps prevent a presentation from becoming too distracting to read.

Also, be sure to use fonts that fit the tone. A presentation about the Civil War, for example, would not use fonts that seem playful or humorous.

autoformas en power point 2007

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