Danny brown just chill firefox

danny brown just chill firefox

Stream Let's Just Chill - Danny Brown by SWAGMagazine from desktop or your mobile device. In collecting my thoughts to put this mix together, just shy of 4 hours of my personal favourites of . Sounds of the JHS Brookyn - Chill Pill . Danny Brown is OK but probably not really Hip-Hop. .. Firefox - Bonanza Kid. “# & #FFFFFF” mix-tape incorporating into it names like French Montana, Danny Brown, YG, 's, G-Eazy, OG Maco, and more. Just Good Music 24/7 ○ Stay See Live Radio Chill • Electronic · MUSIC - Radio MUSIC .. If you're a fan of Riff Raff or Danny Brown you have to check.

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Danny Brown - Demons And Angels

Skip to main content Search. Your Amazon. Liz Henry. Something went wrong. Please try your request again later. Liz Henry is a poet, translator, and editor as well as a computer geek and web developer. She has been publishing zines and small books sincesome under Riot Grrrl imprints and some under the imprints of Tollbooth Press and Burn This Press. Carnival of Feminist SF.

With Yehudit Oriah, she co-translated a book of poetry from Hebrew, Mandala: Tales of the Golden Doll. She has blogged and helped maintain feministsf. Her main blog is at http: She regularly speaks and moderates panels at science fiction cons and technical conferences. She lives on a houseboat in the San Francisco Bay Area with her partner and their children, and is part of Noisebridge, an anarchist hackerspace collective in San Francisco.

Are you an author? Help us improve our Author Pages by updating your bibliography and submitting a new or current image and biography. Learn more at Author Central. Previous page. Kindle Edition. Next page. Blog post. NERT graduation and a couple of hours in dressing rooms. Got my certificate, hard hat, vest, gloves, and ID card signifying that I have gone through Neighborhood Emergency Response Team training. I also did a bunch of stuff for Firefox 66 beta 8 and then went shopping with.

Bad Invention: Menstrual Sneezing Powder. There is nothing like a hearty chain sneezing bout to bring on a flood. And there is nothing more annoying than days and days of bleeding all over the place. Just snort it copiously on day 1 of your period and maybe the blood will fall the hell out of you, all at once.

It can be a cute little kit with the powder and a pair of maroon underwear and. Yesterday Read more. A touching concern. It is very sweet when MUNI bus drivers express their worry about my keeping warm on danny brown just chill firefox cold day when I get off the bus. Clerk in the Walgreens, too. But it always makes me a little sad that people assume wheelchair users are likely to be homeless.

A warm woolly bed. Dashboard the Cat likes her new warm, woolly, felted bed that looks like a rock. At … Continue reading corpos marcados warm woolly bed". Road trip songs. On the drive back Danny brown just chill firefox played me some of a new Pet Shop Boys album in which they sing about social media rhymed with Wikipedia, and greedier.

Highlights of this lovely day! Up betimes! The drive was so beautiful! Everything very green from rain, lowering clouds off in the distance. Busy day and a danny brown just chill firefox to Oakland. It was great.

Still not really a real post. Because I am very tired. Worked all day, hung out with my mom which was awesome, then went to NERT training class 5 which was also fun as we software mix music disaster simulation exercises where we filled out FORMS, which i fucking loved, then walked home via Rock Bar which has delicious strong cocktails, and had a drink and a half and talked about 1 million things, now quite tipsy, also grateful to my past self for making a huge pot of chicken congee 2 days ago and how nice warm rice porridge is, just li.

More blogging! But not tonight. Too much going on today! My mom is here! Piscine wattrelos overture, I went to help out a sick friend. And I worked 8 hours at least. Busy busy busy busy. But not tonight". Books inhaled lately. It has solid historical research behind it, which I find very satisfying and also alluring It leads me to fall into giant Wikipedia sinkholes. Actual work work. We have a team of release managers so can rotate ownership of upcoming releases.

A couple of years ago there were like, 3 of us and one was the team manager. Exploring multisensory descriptions in Inform7. So, for example, a character who is hearing and sighted would experience visual, sound, touch, and scent based room descriptions, while a Deaf character would danny brown just chill firefox get … Continue reading "Exploring multisensory descriptions in Inform7".

Frivolous Friday night post. Some things that I own are extra satisfying beyond spark of joy into soul bonded dragon telepathy. Pouch is ideal for danny brown just chill firefox and a handkerchief and even my notebook and pen for my observ.

Building accessible infrastructure into writing and coding style. As you may be aware by now, faithful reader, I am obsessed with my game, which is set in the Bay Area on and around the BART train system. It is science fictiony and magicky, with time travel and weird stuff abounding.

I set out with the intention that the player should be able to … Continue reading "Building accessible infrastructure into writing and coding style". Soothing voyage into San Francisco Bay.

Happy Discardia! I did some decluttering today, setting out some clothes and books on the free shelf outside and throwing a bunch of things away. From underneath the bed I hauled out danny brown just chill firefox box the size of a couple of shoeboxes full of junk that had been cleaned out of drawers p.

Pacifica side trip. We looked for whales none and discussed geography, geology, clouds, games, and she told me there is a novel about magical BART.

Or something. I only found this decolonized BART map so will ask her later about the book. Rewiring brain for new code. What can I say — I worked on my game all day again today. The feeling of seeing the entire huge structure holographically and knowing more or less what to do and how to break it down into pieces is just glorious.

I spent some time trying to understand some excellent advice on the interactive fiction forum and halfway got there. Then needed to chill out a bit and let it percolate, so I worked through some of the examples. Coding, swimming, biergarten, chocolate. A really nice day. I worked on my game nearly all day and the time just flew. Danny is obsessed with Lisp and Scheme so we are just quietly muttering to ourselves like toddlers doing parallel play.

Yatima took me swimming at the JCC and I did some real laps. First time in a long time too. The JCC is pretty nice, especially the loc. Triage day in a couple of ways. Work had a lot of bug triage today among other things but then danny brown just chill firefox work I went off to the 3rd of 6 classes in the Neighborhood Emergency Response Team training.

It was triage day at NERT class danny brown just chill firefox. We got a video on pandemic flu, the gist of which was, wash your hands and cover your mouth when you cough hilarious electronic music, closeups of a person coughing, freeze, zoom in, turn it to photo negative or some wacky filter effect, cut to other person giving serious side eye to the coughin. There's a problem loading this menu right now.

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