Difference between xna and monogame

difference between xna and monogame

So, can I use XNA lessons/ tutorials for MonoGame or are the major differences in the way programming is done depending on what you use. Ezra_Sidran UTC #5. Thanks for the info. So, what IS the difference between XNA and MonoGame. I really haven't heard. XNA was a Microsoft product that they discontinued support for a few years back. Monogame is and open source reimplementation of XNA on the Mono framework. XNA is no longer supported by Microsoft and only supports their platforms (Windows, Xbox, I think Windows phone?). Key differences between XNA and MonoGame. XNA can use XACT (Audio). MonoGame has not fully implemented XACT and probably won't. From the perspective of your game code, it does not know the difference between xna and monogame and should behave identically built.

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Already on GitHub? Sign in to your account. Basically I have a car with basic effect, and I change all the Basic Effects for Environment Effects in the menu screen to show it with environment. After drawing, I restore the effects. The number of effects inside mesh. Effect keeps increasing one each frame when setting p.

It seems to me that when setting the effect, in MonoGame the effect is always added to the Effect pool, but in XNA it is only added when that effect is not present in the pool.

So, using. Effect setter seems to fix the problem, although I don't know enough of MG to say if this will imply side-effects. Effect property of each ModelMeshPart. That if not contained, add element snippet he posted was a change to "ModelMeshPart. Effect setter". Effects being a ReadOnlyCollection is not relevant to the discussion as far as I can tell. Effects can be implemented as an Enumerator. Also MeshPart should not have any ref to parent Mesh if possible. There is a better way to fix that.

No need to maintain a real collection. The EffectsEnumerator is actually an enumerator of Mesh. Instead of MeshPart it returns its Effect. Sure, go for it. This was just the minimal change to fix the issue as it was reported. I don't know where any of difference between xna and monogame code came from or how long its been there, but it isn't mine, I won't be offended. Here is what I had in mind. In order to remove Duplicates we have to iterate through the MeshParts in almost every methodand generate some garbage in the process.

I forgot one of my mottos, 'Fast code is ugly'. The current approach is fine! Skip to content. Dismiss Join GitHub today GitHub is home to over 31 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together.

Sign up. New issue. Copy link Quote reply. I have this very ugly and dirty piece of code: So, using if! Add value ; in ModelMeshPart. This comment difference between xna and monogame been minimized. Sign in to view. That sounds like a reasonable and logical fix. It makes sense. Effects is not a real Collection. Effects This thing is more complicated than it has to be and it is prone to errors. For the record, I write bad code every day when I want to get things done.

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By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand difference between xna and monogame Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. I have been learning C for a time now.

I basically come from a non-developing background means I dont know the actual working of different programming tools. I just started learning Monogame but few things confused me. Firstly it says that Monogame is open-source implementation of XNA. What does it mean? And is it allowed and legal? If yes, can I copy any app in any app store and make my own version?

What needs to be different for it to be legal? Difference between xna and monogame what does it mean by managed DirectX? Thirdly are there more cross-platform C frameworks other than those provided by Xamarin? I cant find more. This question appears to be off-topic. The users who voted to close gave this specific reason: Instead, describe the problem and what has been done so far to solve it.

I don't know XNA's terms offhand, but typically Microsoft allows duplicates of this sort see the original Mono. You can do research on the license for XNA if this concerns you. Can I copy any app in any app store and make my own version?

I am not a lawyer especially not a copyright lawyera couple of things to steer you live meeting recording converter the right direction, mostly it boils down to copies ideas is fine, copying anything concrete is not. So if you wrote it and were inspired that is fine, but if you take it that is not fine. Also note that there is a significant grey area when it comes to decompilation so I wouldn't difference between xna and monogame anything related to that if you want to sell your product.

Or even put it on an app store. On a less objective note, don't try and copy something directly, if it is popular you won't replicate that success just by being the same. Find an idea you like and tweak it to make it more interesting at the least. SharpDX is an externally maintained managed interface to DirectX.

Rather than difference between xna and monogame that work they use it. Whether you need it depends on your platform.

It would be useless on Android or iOS for instance, since neither of those platforms supports DirectX. You need to define framework and probably cross-platform if you want an answer to this question. For instance Mono is basically the only cross-platform framework by using the. NET Framework definition of framework. Let's start at the beginning. To fully answer your questions you'll need to understand a bit of history. Firstly, XNA is a set of tools provided by Microsoft that facilitates video game development.

XNA is based on the. MonoGame is an open source implementation of XNA with the goal of making it truly multi-platform. It allows existing XNA developers to port their games to many other platforms using nearly identical code. The other important thing to realise is that Microsoft is no longer supporting XNA in the future. That's a good question. While it may seem on the surface to be potentially dangerous ground, and I'm no lawyer, there appears to be plenty of evidence that Microsoft is okay with it.

You can't just copy an existing difference between xna and monogame. You'll quickly run into copyright and trademark law infringements if you do this. Even if you create a game with too many things similar to an existing game it can upset people and you may find yourself in some trouble. Believe me, I've had to deal with this before and gqrx arch linux not fun.

That said, copyright law can't prevent you from making your own games if you have some originality and creativity. Nor does copyright protect any idea, system, method, device, or trademark material involved in developing, merchandising, or playing a game.

Once a game has been made public, nothing in the copyright law prevents others from developing another game based on similar principles. If you think you might be at risk I suggest doing some reading. Xamarin has pretty much cornered the market in the multi-platform C area.

The only other option I can think of is Unity but it's not really a framework, it's a full game engine. Temp Id Temp Id 2 7 Monogame is another implementation same interface, different underpinnings of XNA And is it allowed and legal? Making a match 3 game - Okay Using images from Candy Crunch - Not okay Decompiling Angry Birds and using their physics engine directly - Not okay Playing around with Angry Birds and duplicating the physics engine - Okay So if you wrote it and were inspired that is fine, but if you take it that is not fine.

Or even put it on an app store On a less objective note, don't try and copy something directly, if it is popular you won't replicate that success just by being the same. Difference between xna and monogame Guvante Related Hot Network Questions. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled.

difference between xna and monogame

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Chris G. Chris is a regular presenter at conferences, code camps, and user groups around the country. He blogs at GeeksWithBlogs.

MonoGame is an open source implementation of the XNA 4. X API. It fully supports 2D and 3D graphics, audio, networking, and multiple inputs including touch, mouse, gamepad, and keyboard. This is accomplished by use of the Mono framework, which is a free and open-source.

NET Framework-compatible project created and maintained by Xamarin. Anyone could develop for Windows and distribute their game however they liked, but if you wanted to develop for the Xboxyou needed to be part of a game studio and have a publishing deal with Microsoft. Ever notice how every generation of console refers to itself as "next gen? The first version of XNA allowed you to make games with an unheard of low-cost Creators Club membership using Cand was widely credited with not only making the game development process substantially easier, but also opening the floodgates for Indie Game developers around the world.

The first version of XNA also introduced an extensible Content Pipeline that difference between xna and monogame a variety of image and audio formats, as well as difference between xna and monogame models and even XML data, difference between xna and monogame a native. XNB format at build time. Because the XNA Content Pipeline is extensible, support for converting new content types can easily be added.

These workarounds are addressed in the first sample project later in this article. Version 2. With the 3. A point-release shipped a few months later that included API changes to add support for video playback, a better audio API, and more Xbox Live feature support, including Avatars. This project was renamed MonoGame with the 2.

The final major release of XNA, version 4, came out in and offered support for the newly released Windows Phone 7. A refresh was issued the next year, which added support for Windows Phone 7. By the release of Windows 8, XNA was no longer being actively difference between xna and monogame and the product team had been estos metadirectory. Shortly after, Microsoft announced that there would be no new versions of XNA after 4.

InMonoGame 3. The most recent release of MonoGame, version 3. XNA allowed developers to use a shared codebase across multiple Microsoft platforms.

MonoDevelop carries that same goal of a shared codebase, but extends the reach into much larger assortment of platforms, including the latest generation of Microsoft operating systems, as seen in Table 1. In the next section, you will learn exactly what you need to download to get started developing multi-platform games for MonoGame. As mentioned before, there are a number of other platforms you can target when developing a game with MonoGame:. This rest of this article focuses on the MonoGame Windows Project template, but the great thing difference between xna and monogame MonoGame and the Mono Framework is that virtually all of the same concepts will be applicable, regardless of platform.

Give it a name like DemoGame and click the OK button. Once your project has been created, take a look in the Solution Explorer window Figure 2 difference between xna and monogame find the following items:. Within a couple of seconds, you should be staring at a lovely cornflower blue screen. It's not much to look at right now, but it's a good sign that all the bits and pieces are properly installed.

If you hit the Escape key, the program will terminate and bring you back to Visual Studio. If you happen to have an Xbox or Xbox One controller plugged into your development computer, you can also hit the Back button to exit the game. You might also get an error. Depending on what else you have installed, there's a small chance that you difference between xna and monogame run into an error the first time you try to run your code.

People who have worked with XNA before should already have this file, as well as people who play a lot of games, but it was accidentally left out difference between xna and monogame the 3. This will make sure that all of the DirectX files and drivers are up to date, and will add any missing files.

Open the Game1. Framework or Microsoft. These namespaces are actually a total rewrite of the original XNA libraries and are named the same for consistency purposes. Before digging into those, a brief explanation of difference between xna and monogame game loop is in order. When playing or watching a graphically intensive game, you might have heard the term "frame rate" or "frames per second" FPS being mentioned.

A frame is a single pass through the game loop Figure 3consisting of one call each to the Update and Draw methods more on these shortly. This means that the Update and Draw methods of your game loop are being called around times per second, depending on platform. Unfortunately, there really isn't a way to increase the frame rate beyond the target within MonoGame. It's a known fact that the more stuff you have on-screen in your game, the slower it will get.

So how do you get around this? One way to improve your frame rate, if your game requires a large number of things to be drawn on-screen at once, is to divide them up into two groups and draw each group every other frame. For example: Before jumping in and modifying the project, there are a couple terms that were introduced above that could use some further explanation.

Game Component: Located in the Microsoft. Framework namespace, the GameComponent class allows you to divide up your code into relevant modules and keep them from cluttering up the main Game class file.

A game component must be registered with your game by adding it to the Game. Components collection. Doing this allows the Update and Initialize methods of the component to be called by the corresponding method of the Game class.

Drawable Game Component: Also located in the Microsoft. Framework namespace, the DrawableGameComponent class works just like the GameComponent class, with the addition of support for the Draw method. Custom classes work just as well, although you lose some of the built-in plumbing that you get with the components. It's really about personal preference at this point, as there is no right or wrong approach.

As such, this is the perfect time to introduce you to another class: A SpriteFont is composed of two files. The second file is a single graphic image containing each character of a font, rendered at the size you specified in the XML file. The image is loaded by MonoGame in the LoadContent method and then sliced up into individual two-dimensional images known as spriteswhich can then be used to display text on screen via the DrawString method of the SpriteBatch object. Unfortunately, because this isn't XNA and the content pipeline in MonoGame is still in development, there are a few manual steps you'll need to perform in order to create and add any SpriteFonts to your game.

In order to add a SpriteFont to your project without a content pipeline, you'll need to compile it separately with the XNA Content Compiler, which you can find at https: There's no executable release available, so you need to open and build the source code. It's a Visual Studio project, but it will build in later versions of Visual Studio without any problems.

Once you've built the content compiler, you'll need to feed it a SpriteFont definition file, which looks like the following XML snippet:. You can use the text editor of your choice to create this file, but make sure to give it a.

It's a good difference between xna and monogame to use the name and size of the font i. XNB file. You add this to your MonoGame project in the Content folder. Follow these steps for the best results:. Inside the Game1. Add the following block of code just before the call paint shop pro tubes s base. Draw gameTime: Feel free to experiment with different screen coordinates and colors. That's all you need to do to add text onscreen in your game.

Hit F5 to run and you'll see a CornflowerBlue screen with your text at the location you specified, as dreams and nightmares meek mill tracklist adobe Figure 5.

Start by adding these lines at the class level, just under your SpriteFont declaration, since they will be used by the Update and Draw methods, and declaring them inside those methods would just cause the value to reset. Notice the Vector2. Zero in the snippet above? This gives you a nice, smooth animation based on a consistent timer, rather than something more unpredictable like raw CPU speed.

Put this code right after the previous two lines. Now you want to define some borders for your visible screen area, giving your text something to "bounce" against. With those boundaries in place, you can now add the code to adjust the direction and speed of the text as it moves around the screen. Whenever your text position exceeds either the X or Y boundaries, your speed is flipped between positive and negative and your position is adjusted accordingly. The last step is to look in the Draw method and change your DrawString method to use your new textXY variable, instead of the hardcoded 0,0 values, like so:.

Hit F5 difference between xna and monogame give it a run. Let it go for a few seconds so you can watch your "Hello World" text bounce around the screen from edge to edge.

Adding a 2D sprite image to your game is as simple as right-clicking the Content folder in your Solution Explorer and picking Difference between xna and monogame Existing Item. Browse to the image you wish to use. For best results, grab a. PNG file with a transparent background, such as the soccerball.

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