Disney american legends

disney american legends

Consists of new narration by James Earl Jones, which is interspersed with the Disney shorts John Henry (), Johnny Appleseed (), Paul Bunyan ( ). American Legends is a home video that was released February 12, following Walt Disney feature animated shorts: Johnny Appleseed released in Disney's American Legends is a direct-to-video animated anthology film hosted by James Earl Jones. It is a compilation of previously released animated. disney american legends

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Host James Earl Jones introduces four tales that made America, all illustrated by Disney animation old and new: When the disney american legends art was posted on pre-order sites online, it was apparent that our wish had come true! Well, sort of…. Completed disney american legendsbut left on the shelf until it was attached to a few select prints of Return To Never-Land in theatrical release, John Henry tells the tale of the black slave Henry, who is freed and helps forge a railroad, proving himself against a disney american legends advanced steam-powered construction engine.

Directed by Mark Henn who had been lead animator for Mulan over a five-year period, John Henry was disney american legends produced in the style of the classic Disney shorts from the 50s and 60s. Animators were told to be bold with their drawings, and clean up artists had to be reminded not to make the lines too smooth!

Henn had to fight to get the film completed, as featurettes and disney american legends, before Disney recently jumped back on that wagon, were seen as money losers, with no real avenue for recouping their investment. Of course, this is a ridiculous argument, but the political correctness of modern day Disney coupled with a not-so-happy ending meant that they did not think that they could do anything with the film.

On the basis of the brief theatrical run, John Henry wound up being tipped for an Academy Award nomination for Best Animated Short, although the way it was dumped meant it did not qualify. Eventually, it was bundled in this collection, which itself leaves a lot to be desired! The eagerly awaited John Henry short is first up. Rather annoyingly, the shorts are presented as part of a whole program, disney american legends Jones presenting each short.

The animation itself fits very well into the mix of the other classic Disney shorts — it bares most similarities with Paul Bunyanwith a soundtrack very much in the Gospel Hercules style. John Henry is a fantastic short which does nothing but celebrate this unique character. True, the film remains close to the legend and Henry is shown to pass away, but the atmosphere soon builds itself up again to reveal the legacy he left behind, both in the form of a son, and the finished railroad.

The animators at Disney have every right to be proud of this film — it is daring, bold and triumphant in every detail and on every level. Paul Bunyan from is quite similar in theme to John Henrypitting its giant woodcutter hero against a new-fangled disney american legends machine, and shares the same stylised animation. Johnny Appleseedfrom the Melody Time feature, has our apple planting wanderer creating fields of apple blossom, in an entertaining segment which itself was re-issued as a stand-alone short in the s.

Finally, the tale of The Brave Goudy old style family s shows man and machine working together and making sure that the mail gets through — whatever stands in their way!

As it is, it seems to play just like any other episode of a Disney TV program, which is a shame as the material on show here deserves much better. The extras are limited to an American Legends Learning Gamewhich is actually pretty neat, made up of two stages based on the Bunyan and Henry stories and featuring new graphics, and the original Walt Disney television introduction to Johnny Appleseed. A pretty nice looking front image collages the faces of our four main legends against the American flag, with slight prominence leant to John Henry.

The case, in initial pressings at least, is a standard white keepcase, with a chapter index that lists the four shorts. Despite the entire program only running 58 minutes, the bit-rate on these intro links rarely jumps up past 5. Real-time TV compression works harder than this! The Disney american legends Earl Jones and John Henry sequences are, as you would expect, recorded well and reproduced cleanly, with the John Henry music score energetic, forthright and the highlight of the entire program.

Disney american legends are no other audio language tracks, although English captions are available. I knew going in that John Henry had been slightly trimmed so the biggest surprise with American Legends was finding how compressed the program was! Henry Selick on Making Christmas before time! A Real American Hero: Season 1.

All other copyrights belong to their respective owners. Henry Selick talks Moongirl and more. Animation Addicts Podcast Legends Of The Superheroes. Perfect Nightmare:

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