Games to on android phone

games to on android phone

Does it matter whether you got an iPhone, iPad, or Android phone for the holidays? Not if you want to play games. The great thing about. From thrilling shooters to fighting games and puzzlers, here are the 20 best Android games you can play for free on your phone or tablet. It's hard to find the best Android games because holy hell is there a The 25 best iPhone games to play right now; The best gaming phones in. games to on android phone

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BAN NHAC VIET NAM CO NOT Anyone looking for an involved story, people who prefer more action in their mobile games. Share Tweet. Other puzzles are much less easy to find. Fans of turn-based games or tactics games, anyone who loved the original and wants a good way to replay it. To save the diner, I must borrow poison from the local donut shop and kill the rats before service starts.

The Google Play store is basically a treasure trove of amazing titles, but sometimes it can feel like wading through mud trying to figure out which ones really are worth your time and potentially money. But, we're here to guide to you the very best Android games there is to play right now.

This list is a healthy mix of free to play games - with optional in-app purchases mentioned where appropriate - as well as paid apps that deserve your eyes and thumbs. So from vault simulators to cat collectors and in depth adventures, here are the best Android games to get your screen smudgy. Each month, we review a major new Android release in the hopes of finding new entries to this list. For the full list of the best Android games, turn to page 2.

My favourite diner geregetan mp3 about to shut down for good. To save the diner, I must borrow poison from the local donut shop and kill the rats before service starts. Beat Cop is a police game in which you try, and inevitably fail, to please everybody. You take to the streets of Brooklyn and tap the screen to walk around your beat, talk to passers-by and games to on android phone local businesses.

The main story gives you 21 days to clear your name after being blamed for a robbery, but that takes a back seat to your daily tasks, which usually involve a ticket quota. You tap on cars to check their tyres, lights games to on android phone the parking meter, slapping tickets on violators. If you miss targets your boss docks your pay, and your reputation on the force drops. But both the Italian mob and a street gang called The Crew are happy to grease your palm if you turn a blind eye to their crimes or give them a hand.

You can even join their gangs if they like you enough. Beat Cop is at its best when all the factions demand your help at the same time. While trying to arrest games to on android phone jewellery thief I got a call about a fire.

And then I realised it was 3: I enjoyed that stress, because it forced me to decide what mattered most. Unfortunately, the main story is spread too thin.

It has multiple threads, each of which are abandoned for days on end and then picked up again, making it difficult to follow. The last five days are a slog. The bugs in Beat Cop are frustrating, too. At the end of one day the game failed to take me back to the station, the clock permanently hanging at 6pm. And the UI can be fiddly: But by mixing it in with childish dick jokes and surreal comedy, it trivialises the racism. At times, Beat Cop even revels in it, using racial slurs as punchlines to unfunny jokes.

It was enough to cloud the fun I had with Games to on android phone Cop. Current page: January Android Game of the Month. Page 1 of 4: Numbers 30 to 21 Best Android games: Numbers 20 to 11 Best Android games: Numbers 10 to 1.

Numbers 30 to See comments. Topics best of.

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