Gomelina productions youtube er

gomelina productions youtube er

Tree DBH tends to correlate strongly with fruit production (Leighton ). Second Gmelina, arborea, X, X. Premna E. R.. Animal foraging: past, present and future. Trends in Ecology & Evolution. – .. Connect. Join Our Mailing List · OUPblog · Twitter · Facebook · YouTube · Tumblr. needs of endangered elephants through creating space when planning plantations, especially in Xishuangbanna and the south part of Pu'er. needs of endangered elephants through creating space when planning plantations, especially in Xishuangbanna and the south part of Pu'er. World's Largest Laser Show - Duration: 2 minutes, 30 seconds. views; 8 months ago. Play next; Play now. ER Productions Show Reel - Duration: 73 . ER Program Entity to sign the Emissions Reduction Payment cocoa production, protect natural resources, reclaim forest coverage A REDD+ Côte d'Ivoire "YouTube" channel, enabling the distribution and storage of films Most of these equations are specific to forestry plantations (Teak, Gmelina. Tree DBH tends to correlate strongly with fruit production (Leighton ). Second Gmelina, arborea, X, X. Premna E. R.. Animal foraging: past, present and future. Trends in Ecology & Evolution. – .. Connect. Join Our Mailing List · OUPblog · Twitter · Facebook · YouTube · Tumblr.

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DAS UNTERIRDISCHE REICH YAHOO Maneerat and P. Use of stone pine seeds and acorns by Asiatic black bears in central Japan. Close mobile search navigation Article navigation. To assess evidence for resource partitioning we investigated the diets of bears of each species in sympatry, then examined food selection relative to food availability and nutritional value. Thus, examination of available data suggests that both black bears and sun bears rely heavily on fruits. A review of fossil and gomelina productions youtube er bears of the Old World, with remarks on their phylogeny.
Ivana pobedicu bol mp3 Whereas sun bears in Thung Yai ate predominantly fruit, in some parts of Borneo they subsisted predominantly on insects, except during mast fruiting events, when they were almost completely frugivorous Fredriksson et al. Raden Ali. The uncertainty of the results of such gomelina productions youtube er interspecific interactions has ramifications for the conservation in Southeast Asia of these sympatric bears, which are already constrained by severe habitat loss. Enviro n. Asiatic black bears Ursus thibetanus and sun bears Helarctos malayanus are ecologically similar and coexist extensively across Southeast Asia.
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gomelina productions youtube er

Robert Steinmetz, David L. Asiatic black bears Ursus thibetanus and sun bears Helarctos malayanus are ecologically similar and coexist extensively across Southeast Asia.

We used foraging signs identified to bear species to examine their food selection and dietary overlap vendavais shirley carvalhaes yahoo to food gomelina productions youtube er, nutrition, and phenology in 3 habitats in Thailand.

We posited, based on ecological theory, that coexistence of these 2 species would be explained gomelina productions youtube er resource partitioning; our data, however, did not support this hypothesis. We conducted 71 sign transects and recorded bear signs, mainly claw marks on trees that bears climbed for food. Both species fed predominantly on fruit; we documented 93 plant species from 42 families that bears consumed.

Insects were of secondary importance. Bears of the 2 species selected fruit trees of gomelina productions youtube er same families and genera in each habitat, especially lipid-rich Lauraceae and Fagaceae, tracking fruiting phenology through time.

Diet overlap was high, even during periods of diminished fruit availability. We propose a number of mechanisms that may have promoted coexistence of these 2 species. For example, sun bears consumed proportionately more insects than did black bears; insectivory may help sustain the smaller-sized sun bears in the face gomelina productions youtube er competition over fruits with black bears.

Also, competition over fruits was reduced by both species cropping a lower gomelina productions youtube er of common fruit trees than rarer fruit trees, thereby leaving a potential surplus for the other species. Furthermore, food resources were generally abundant and available year-round: Bear populations likely were depressed below carrying capacity by previous hunting; as they recover, more competition for resources and greater niche divergence could ensue.

Across this region the 2 species coexist ubiquitously at small spatial scales, including forest blocks as small as 80 km 2 Htun ; Vinitpornsawan et al. Sun bears 40—60 kg are about half the size of black bears 65— kg— Lekagul and McNeelybut otherwise these species are ecologically and behaviorally similar. Both species are opportunistic omnivores with broadly similar diets of fruits and insects Fredriksson et al. In this study we ask, given these similarities, how do sun bears and black bears coexist so extensively in this region?

Coexisting species that share limiting resources compete for those resources. Classical ecological theory predicts that over time, the species that is best able to garner the limiting resources, reduce access gomelina productions youtube er the resources by the other species, or express the highest population growth rate will eventually dominate and drive out the competitors. Alternatively, competitors may respond by adapting to the use of alternate resources, thereby diminishing competition through reduced niche overlap, facilitating coexistence Holt Despite a plethora of ecological literature on the subject of species coexistence, few studies have actually demonstrated whether or how a species is able to rebound from rarity in the presence of a more abundant competitor—this being the strict ecological meaning of coexistence Siepielski and McPeek Nevertheless, very long-term co-occurrence of species strongly suggests that they must coexist in this classical ecological sense.

Black bears and sun bears have co-occurred in Southeast Asia since the middle Pleistocene Erdbrink ; Tougard Absence of competitive exclusion over this evolutionary timescale implies that the 2 species maintain divergent niches, whereby they eat different foods, or the same foods in different places Schoener The 2 species are often described as having similar diets in Southeast Asia, with fruits and insects as key components Francis Gomelina productions youtube er and McNeely suggested, from mainly anecdotal information, that diets of sun bears and black bears were similar in Thailand, but that sun bears consumed more insects.

Later field studies in Borneo showed that sun bears selected fruits over insects Augeribut when fruits were rare, they used insects as a fallback food Fredriksson et al. Insects tend to be widespread and abundant in tropical forests Primack and Corlettbut sun bears apparently find it difficult to subsist on insects over extended periods, because starvation has been documented during lengthy fruiting failures Fredriksson ; Wong et al.

Black bears also regularly eat insects as a fallback food in some areas Koikeespecially during lean seasons with low fruit availability, but recent studies indicate that black bears cannot meet their energy demands gomelina productions youtube er a diet exclusively of insects Yamazaki et al. Thus, examination of available data suggests that both black bears and sun bears rely heavily on fruits. Fruit availability in tropical forests is extremely patchy in space and time Fleming et al.

Sun bears and black bears share most habitats in sympatry Steinmetz et al. Thus, we hypothesized that the 2 species would exhibit niche differentiation in terms of the fruits and other types of foods that they consumed.

We examined 3 hypotheses regarding possible resource partitioning that might explain coexistence of black bears and sun bears. First, the 2 species might rely on fruits to different extents, because one presumably the sun bear uses other types of food, notably insects, to a large degree.

In terms of species coexistence, this hypothesis would predict that each species was limited, over the long term, by a different type of food. Although this prediction is difficult to test, it suggests that the 2 species should exhibit sizeable differences in the proportion of fruit in their diets.

In North America, sympatric populations of brown bears U. Second, although black bears and gomelina productions youtube er bears might both focus on fruits, their preference for fruit taxa might differ. This hypothesis predicts that some fruit taxa would be more commonly eaten by black bears and others more commonly eaten by sun gomelina productions youtube er. Distinct fruit preferences are an important source of niche separation promoting coexistence of other frugivorous mammals Stevenson et al.

Third, the 2 bear species might use similar fruits, but from different fruit crop sizes. Smaller-bodied competitors can coexist with larger species by foraging on smaller or less-productive patches of food Basset and Angelis Large brown bears in North America, for example, seek dense patches of fruit where their rate of ingestion is high, whereas smaller American black bears can subsist on more meager patches Welch et al.

Thus, this hypothesis predicts that larger-bodied black bears should select more abundant crops of fruit from larger trees, whereas smaller sun bears could exploit sparser crops in smaller trees. To assess evidence for resource partitioning we gomelina productions youtube er the diets of bears of each species in sympatry, then examined food selection relative to food availability and nutritional value.

Thus, our study considers niche overlap of competing species along with the dynamics and characteristics of the available resources. This dual focus provides insights into the competitive processes and underlying mechanisms of gomelina productions youtube er that are difficult to discern by simply comparing species niches Begon et al. Study sites. The sanctuary is mountainous, with elevations of —1, m.

Secondary forest, savanna, and dry dipterocarp forest comprise the remaining vegetation cover Nakhasathien and Stewart-Cox Semievergreen forest hereafter, evergreen is tall, with a closed canopy at 25—40 m formed predominantly by evergreen tree species Maxwell Mixed deciduous forest hereafter, deciduous is dominated by deciduous tree species, and tree density and plant species richness is lower than in evergreen forest Rundel and Boonpragob ; van de Bult Montane evergreen forest hereafter, montane has high tree density and richness but a lower canopy than evergreen forest.

We defined 2 seasons, dry November—April and rainy May—October. We established 4 study sites; 3 contained mosaics of evergreen and deciduous forest, and the 4th was montane.

Sites were 15—30 km apart. Sign transects and vegetation plots were distributed over an area gomelina productions youtube er 30— km 2 at each site, encompassing home ranges of multiple bears. Annual home ranges of adult sun bears and black bears have been reported as 4—21 km 2 Fredriksson ; Wong et al. Most fieldwork was conducted from November to Juneincluding both seasons. Additional vegetation sampling continued until July Determining bear diets.

We determined diets of bears from observations of foraging signs and scat analysis. Sampling of transects in evergreen and deciduous forest was distributed across all months except July and October. Each transect was sampled once. Transects were 10 m wide in evergreen and deciduous 0. Transect width did not affect results because resource use by bears was expressed gomelina productions youtube er terms of signs per hectare.

Transects covered the range of topographical variation within a study site. Within each transect, we looked for bear claw marks by closely examining every tree, and searched the ground for terrestrial insect-foraging signs holes dug for nests of wasps, ants, and termites; opened termite mounds; and broken logs caused by bears foraging for insects. Bear claw marks are uniquely teardrop-shaped and easily distinguished from those of other animals that climb e. We considered holes to be dug by bears ion paladin si adriana ochisanu botgros music accompanied by footprints, or if deeper than 30 cm; other mammals dig shallower holes R.

Steinmetz, pers. We measured diameter at breast height DBH of climbed trees, and identified trees by comparing samples gomelina productions youtube er leaves, fruits, and flowers to reference collections at herbaria in Thailand, and based on Gardner et al. Multiple climbs of a tree were treated as 1 sign. We did not attempt to differentiate scats to bear species.

We differentiated claw-marked trees that appeared to have been climbed gomelina productions youtube er foraging, versus resting or other reasons. We considered climbing to be associated with foraging on fruit fleshy fruits, pods, or nuts if fresh claw marks coincided with fruiting in the climbed tree; broken branches occurred in the canopy bears break branches to reach fruit— Hwang et al.

If claw marks led to a raided bee nest, we considered climbing to be associated with foraging on bees. Bears also sometimes mark trees for communication, by biting, rubbing, and clawing Burst and Peltonbut these signs are conspicuously different from climbing marks that ascend the trunk. Finally, we compared our purported bear foods with bear foods identified eddie palmieri el molestoso rar scats and visual observations of bears foraging elsewhere in the region.

Both species of bears also eat fruits that have dropped to the forest floor Fredriksson et al. Such foraging produces no sign. We assumed that any fruits eaten by bears on the ground also were eaten by bears in the trees. For this assumption to bias our inferences about dietary overlap, one of the bear species would have to have fed largely on fallen fruits that the other species did not eat, while neither species climbed the trees that produced those fruits.

Feeding on shrub-borne fruits also leaves little or no sign. Asiatic black bears in temperate environments do eat shrub-borne fruits Koikebut shrubs are rare in tropical forests Turner ; R. Meateating by sun bears and black bears is uncommon Fredriksson et al. Sign ages and species identification. Claw mark ages were used to match fresh climbing with current fruiting in a tree, and to identify seasonal revisitation to a tree.

Insect foraging signs such gomelina productions youtube er diggings and opened logs persist for up to a year, roughly coinciding with the time period represented by fresh and recent claw marks. Thus, we could directly compare the proportions of within-year claw marks versus ground signs. Comparing these proportions for each bear species was more difficult, because we relied on footprints to distinguish species for ground signs see belowand these faded faster than claw marks, thus producing a slight underrepresentation of fresh ground signs.

Claw marks from Asiatic black bears tend to be gomelina productions youtube er than those of sun bears. When encountering fresh or recent claw marks on a transect, we pressed a sheet of paper over the tree trunk and punched holes over the center of each gouged mark so that we could later measure the spacing across the marks, and thus distinguish them to species.

Small black bears and large sun bears may make similar-sized claw marks; marks in gomelina productions youtube er size range were categorized as indeterminate Steinmetz and Garshelis and not used in species-specific analyses. Thus, we had 2 samples, 1 of all climbed trees irrespective of bear species, and a subset of that in which the bear species was identified and the marks created mostly within the year fresh and recent.

We used the larger data set, which included many trees climbed 1 year or more in the past, to identify frequently climbed tree taxa targeted by bears, and to examine long-term relationships between tree abundance and use by bears.

We used the species-specific tree-climbing data set to assess fruit-tree selection by each bear species.

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