Koleksi film p ramlee skype

koleksi film p ramlee skype

details to show. Favorite Quotes. Alamat skype sair gafar. Favorites. Music. Video & Musik Electone lagu bugis. Books. Love Story. Movies. Rock Bro. Your favorite film? Click to vote! 66 films Rachun Dunia (); Ragam P Ramlee, Minta Nombor Ekor & Damaq (). Sabarudin Tukang Kasut / Sabarudin. Movies. Superman Returns Skype, Rendang Tokmi, Air ketagih, Never Stop Learning, Koleksi jualan on9, Reptile Hunter, The Thug Windows, theory11, Inter-Asia, P. Ramlee, TM Rewards, App Maniaci, Dinar Iraq World Dinar IQD, Plants. Your favorite film? Click to vote! 66 films Rachun Dunia (); Ragam P Ramlee, Minta Nombor Ekor & Damaq (). Sabarudin Tukang Kasut / Sabarudin.

Zombie from Banana Village? Ketawa terkekeh2 aku baca tu, somehow it sounded so hilarious bila dah diterjemahkan. Ada juga orang German teringin nak tengok ya, bab tu pun kelakar juga: Probably I should try and watch it too. Cerita2 bengong ni kadang2 boleh kasi release tension. Oh I so need that right now! Tp review dia pon aku tergelak gak baca, dia kutuk kita takde budget la, terkejut sbb filem zombie kat malaysia la tah pape je, tp koleksi film p ramlee skype la ckp dia tu.

Tgk la. But i guess u heard too much abt it kot tu yg rasa cam takleh terima kot. Same as i was time tgk inception, skali tgk rasa cam D 'cos tht one, i still dont miss hehehehe weh, lee sin jie tu senior kita setahun. Skolah dia depan skolah aku. Tak glamer pon dia dulu2, tp tu la kan, aku pon tak glamer gak dulu So aku tak suka. Tp tu la, asyik2 genre ni je, aku pon naik nyampah dah. Ni either takde idea or sbb cite jenis ni je yg laku, if it's the latter, sedih aaaa Post a Comment.

Friday, February 25, kak limah balik rumah. Apart from p ramlee's films, i honestly couldnt care less about the rest, yup, arwah yasmin ahmad's included, although i did cry a bit at the end of sepet.

So when mary asked, koleksi film p ramlee skype, forced me to watch hantu kak limah balik rumah, i actually thought she was joking. But when she told to accept the MB file over skype, i knew she wasnt joking plus, i remembered tht she raved about Rock several years back and knowing tht is another mamat khalid's film, think it's safe to say tht she's a mamat's fan So reluctantly, i downloaded it.

Anyway, i just finished watching it, and as expected, it's ridiculously absurd, but you know what? Frankly, i cant remember watching a malay being this funny, heck, i cant even remember the last time i watched koleksi film p ramlee skype malay film, eh, think it sepet kot Now, i'm tempted to watch zombi kg.

But maybe i should check out some reviews first. Found one a while ago, on a swiss's website in German - Zombie from Banana Village can u believe it? Doesnt look too good. Maybe i'll ask mary, there's a big chance she'd watched it Oh, and last week, i watched ice kacang puppy love, i likeeeee Posted by sumpit at Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. About Me sumpit sickgordy gmail. Labels adel 6 celebration 25 concerts 20 conference 7 erlangen-misc 75 films 13 food 23 halal food guide 17 house-hunting 4 innsbruck 6 misc 88 music 23 nuptial 27 pregnancy 2 sadStuff 39 self-reflection 2 shopping 1 sports 20 studies koleksi film p ramlee skype travel 74 volunteer 9 work 3.

My Blog List. Jauh di Mata Koleksi film p ramlee skype di Hati Beijing, China: Preparation 1 week ago. Journey With Baby. Going to A Kenduri 9 months ago. Moose On The Loose. The one that never got published hp03 arduino now Chronicles of Duncan MacLeod: The Cure 1 year ago. Taisetsuna Moment.

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Get A Life! Through my eyes. Ini Perempuan Jujur. Wish List Gamat Healin thanks, babe!

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