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Visioning Shared Tomorrows by Kuedo, released 17 October The gentle analogue warmth of opener, Visioning Shared Tomorrows, has a lightness and melancholic weight to it that's more in line with. Visioning Shared Tomorrows by Kuedo, released 17 October

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The background: Not wishing to state the bleedin' obvious or anything, last of us pc skidrow there was synthesiser music before synth-popand we kuedo visioning shared tomorrows games reminded of this by today's new act. Kuedo's forthcoming debut album, Severant, makes us think of prog-era synthesiser music, the type that was around before the Human League, Soft Cell and their ilk, only not krautrock.

Well, if you were going to take a punt and recommend a modern electronica album to someone reared on that kind of ancient synth stuff, you could do a lot worse than Severant. It's prog, Jim, but not as we know it. Seriously, blindfold a friend stop sniggering at the backthen play opening track Visioning Shared Tomorrows, allow the keyboards to wash over them and the cyclical synth pattern kuedo visioning shared tomorrows games sink in, then count the seconds before they ask: But Kuedo, aka Jamie Teasdale, isn't daft enough to make a straight copy of an old-style synth-prog album.

What would be the point of that? So if you wanted to recommend a modern album to a Vangelis fan who also wanted to keep abreast of contemporary developments in electronica, Severant would also work because there are production tricks and textures here that would satisfy a Burial fan. It's all kuedo visioning shared tomorrows games filmic, even when it's frantic, and especially when it's serene.

As you might expect, it's a movie imbued with anxiety. Ant City evokes dread, the synths and bass circling each other like a space-craft monitoring a grittily gleaming 23rd-century megalopolis. A lot of Severant works on an attractive ambient level, but pay closer attention to, say, Whisper Fate and its skittering beat and prowling basslines, and it's more like bad mood music.

Even the titles — Truth Flood, Reality Drift — read like scenes from a movie set in some dystopian future, as though William Gibson had made an album for the Hyperdub label.

Ascension Phase would be the part in the movie where there is a paradigm shift in consciousness and the humans morph into androids, then cyborgs, and finally robots. Teasdale has talked about Severant in terms of "the space between the detached world of the imagination and the real-time world … and the strange relational loop between the two", while the title of the album "refers to stark changes of circumstances in Jamie's life when the album was made". It's clearly been an emotional journey for him, and it will be for you.

Just don't expect Phaedraand remember to bring your dancing shoes. The buzz: The lineup: Jamie Teasdale music, production. The truth: Most likely to: Appeal to lovers of Jean Michel Jarre. Least likely to: Jar in either a film or a club.

What to buy: Severant is released by Planet Mu on 17 October. File next to: Monday's new band: Keaton Henson. Topics Pop and rock Kuedo visioning shared tomorrows games band of the week. Kuedo features.

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Or browse results titled:. Kuedo Berlin, Germany. Streaming and Download help. If you like Kuedo, you may also like:. Rain Temple by This late-night album depicts an abstract and ethereal landscape that brings you in a hyperreality state in which you seem to discover a post-vaporwave essence. Even more vertiginous and crucial than the first two. That's why I created a bandcamp kuedo visioning shared tomorrows games littlewaner. This is more so in the case of Nightmarket, which fits what I like to think of as lo-fi trance, as anticipated in a superb track like ashtray wasp, although with a beatless and more orchestral approach in this case.

Kuedo visioning shared tomorrows games mind The Ventures; CJ Mirra dreams up a new sound of surf, built from moody, expansive electronics and soft, organic textures. Explore music. Severant by Kuedo. Frant Dunlany. Frant Dunlany An unmatched album.

Kuedo has created something that is beyond music. Only the active, patient listener can truly appreciate the complexity of these sounds. Floating Frenchman. Floating Frenchman King of my castle original site album with a lot of character! I'm in love with it from the very first listening. Favorite track: Flight Path.

Die Luke Die. Tino Meinen. Vadim Motov. Berto Herrera. Robert Vandermeulen. Mark Scorah. Peter Nicholls. Matthew McVickar. Ground Floor. Kin Ho. Matthew Clements. Kevin Ingham. Isaac Pippen.

Cedric Beaulac. Tyler O'Reilly. Drew Davidson. Hendrik Ltr. Joseph Scheip. Instruments of Flight. Purchasable with gift card. Visioning Shared Tomorrows Ant City Whisper Fate Onset Escapism Scissors Truth Flood Reality Drift Ascension Phase Salt Lake Cuts Seeing The Edges Flight Path Shutter Light Girl Vectoral As We Lie Promising Memory Rain With his intentions re-evaluated for the making of this album, his process to capture them has evolved to a more automatic way of creating tracks, cutting back on the endless technical options available to the modern producer and rendering them at a quicker pace to reveal a lighter, more truthful music, as he puts it: Tags beats soundtrack bass music electronic progressive synth synthwave trap vaporwave Berlin.

Assertion Of A Kuedo visioning shared tomorrows games Presence. If you like Kuedo, you may also like: Trazmyrd go to album. On Bandcamp Radio.

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