Silentcore fired from jagex

silentcore fired from jagex

Posted in Runescape and tagged 99, fredfred23, guides, Icey Dan, Icey Dan1, Iceydan1, living rock caverns, magic, mining, silent c0re, silent core, Silentc0re. Silentc0re has stated on his Twitter account that he is currently looking for a place to stay in Cambridge to work from the Jagex Headquarters. Oh was this before he worked for Jagex? I mean he wouldn't be advertising the bo when he worked there. I saw a video why he got sacked for. Silentc0re (previously Mod Silent, also known as Icey Dan1) is a RuneScape guide maker and former Jagex Moderator, also being a Machinima Director from . Sponsors: @Bluemicrophones @IntotheAM Contact: .. a lot for the game while you were with Jagex, and also helped a lot of streamers.:) . Best of lcuk to hatever you do now, but you didnt really said WHY you got fired. Posts about Iceydan1 written by silentc0re. Posted in Runescape and tagged Icey Dan1, Iceydan1, icy dan1, icydan, JaGeX, mechscape, new skill, quit, return, I dismissed my familiar and headed down to Falador to complete this Event. silentcore fired from jagex

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Silentc0re back to RuneScape :O

Bastof lemon

A lot of people are saying that he specifically edited the code to make ruby bolts spec higher which in turn helped that one guy kill 80k corps recently. Apparently there is footage of him talking to the guy while he was botting on multiple different accounts.

Could all be speculation though, I am looking more into it just out of curiosity. That is crazy, not so much about what ex mod reach did but that the jagex staff put him on blast like that. How many mods have also lost their jobs over misuse of their mod power and don't get it blasted on the website. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up cdgsx5sp3 music a new account in our community.

It's easy! Already have an account? Sign in here. Community Discussion. Who read this topic. Prev 1 2 Next Page 1 of 2. Recommended Posts. Report post. Posted April 21, Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Saw it. Wow lol. Posted April 22, Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community.

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Thanks to everyone who also came to watch me get 99 Magic! And whatever happened to Mechscape? Not so much patch file idm me, but about the game in general. These runes allow you to make unlimited spells, so the players involved will most likely be banned if they used the runes to gain unfair silentcore fired from jagex. I will be editing videos while training here and maybe break up my training a bit with Runecrafting and Farming.

Today i logged on around 4PM since i was still 30k Experience to 99 Runecrafting. I used two Graahks to get Experience to 99 which would be enough for one Genie to level me up. When 7PM finally came, i flicked my PM on and off a few times and was shocked how silentcore fired from jagex people were in my clan chat. Possibly ? I met up with everyone at the Grand Exchange.

So i quickly ran down with everyone to realize i would need a hell load of essence to kill xp! So i decided my only left option for easy Exp would be Penguin points! Go dj mp3juices music someone had the spell for teleporting group to Khazard.

Clan wars was fun after, we pretty much dominated at the start, but then people slowly had to log off so our team got smaller. I only played for aroudn 30minutes today. Reached 13M Experience Today. I am really please that my Easter video is popular. The Easter Video also earned me subscribers in only 2 days, and an awesome Channel Honor of: Click Here to watch the video. I dismissed my familiar and headed down to Falador to complete this Event. Only took me around 30minutes of work With help from my good friend 1 lvl3 I who helped me a great deal.

I also managed to video this event and created a Guide for it. I wanted to be one of the first guides posted, but unfortunately i kept getting a really annoying Error Message from Youtube. The video was however quite a big size, so it was very annoying when i waited over an hour just get the Error message force me to re-upload. After over 10 silentcore fired from jagex attempts, i decided to exit and try in a fresh window.

Surprisingly it worked. You can silentcore fired from jagex them when the video is at least processing. But for some reason any time i added information, it caused an unexpected failure. Now less than K Experience to level 99 Runecrafting. I am hoping to set my 99 Party for this Saturday. I silentcore fired from jagex post a video invitation on Youtube and set a Clan Wars event after i get the level.

Pineapple trees — 10 Watermelons Papaya trees — 10 Pineapples Palm trees — 15 papayas. I have entered the Skillers Union Runecrafting Week competition. The person who has gained the most xp by next Monday wins. The last Runecrafting Competition i lost, so i am very determined to win this one.

I am currently 4th place. Here are some screenshots of the hundreds of people in world Falador Party Room. Stealing Creation Glitch 1. Stealing Creation Glitch 2. Stealing Creation Glitch 3. Stealing Creation Glitch 4. Runecrafting Rank Watch Out Armoured Zombies! It said: Upload Silentcore fired from jagex If YOU are also experiencing this problem, here is what i recommend: Make sure your video is in the right format I recommend.

WMV 2. Make sure your video is less than 1 GB file size 3. Farming Plan: My new goals are Herblore and Farming. Currently buying up Bunyip Pouches at maximum price. So far i only have 6k out of 50k. Buying up Palm Seeds this week, so far only Disaster At Jagex Headquarters Just a short little silentcore fired from jagex video i made. The next stage of my Summoning Plan is buying all the secondary Ingredients: I am currently 4th place I also registered my website at silentc0re.

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